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InFocus Projector – InFocus X8 Detailed Review

InFocus X8 is equipped with more powerful lamps than the IN series, projectors in the X series (such as the X3) position themselves as multimedia products. They sit halfway between the Pro models (even brighter) and Home Cinema models, which typically have a brightness of around 1200 lumens.

Ergonomics of InFocus X8

The standout feature of the InFocus X8 in terms of ergonomics is its ideal portability. It comes with a carrying case and a pair of 3W speakers that further enhance its mobility. However, in terms of sound quality, it serves as an auxiliary solution. Moving on to the less favorable aspects, the available connections are minimal: 1 HDMI via the provided M1-DA adapter, 1 YUV via the VGA -> YUV adapter (not provided), 1 VGA, 1 S-Video, and 1 composite.

InFocus X8

For audio, there are two jack ports on the right side: one for input and the other for output. It’s worth noting that audio cannot be transmitted through the HDMI port, which is unfortunate. As is customary for DLP projectors, the maximum projection diagonal from a distance of 3 meters is below average, and the zoom is very limited. To conclude with two high figures, the projector’s standby power consumption is 7.3 Watts, and the operating noise level is 32 dB.

Technical Specifications of InFocus X8

Definition 1280 x 800 pixels
Brightness 1800 lumens
Contrast 1400
Lamp Life 0.97222222222222 hours
Price $337


Image Quality: Addressing Adjustments

Before initiating our series of tests, we went through the adjustment process to mitigate certain flaws of the InFocus X8. We encourage you to refer to the side note for more details on this part. However, the chosen settings did not transform this multimedia projector into a Home Cinema model. After adjustments, we remained at 1.26 cd/m² for black and 632 cd/m² for white, both very high measurements. Ideally, black should be at 0 and white around 250 cd/m².

InFocus X8

InFocus X8 Practical Image Results: A Fair Offering with Caveats

In practice, the image quality presented by the Infocus X8 is passable. The main issues encountered are washed-out blacks, despite them being faded (!), and rainbow effects. Consider this aspect carefully if you’re considering a purchase. Our advice: go check in a showroom to gauge your sensitivity to this effect, which can be quite unpleasant and make you regret your purchase. Video noise is also present in certain tones, especially in skin tones. A positive note to end on, the precision of images is on point: edges are well defined, although we recommend enhancing sharpness for SD sources (DVDs, etc).

InFocus X8

Strengths and Weaknesses of InFocus X8


Very Bright


Integrated Speakers

Included Carrying Case


Washed-out Blacks


Simple and Non-Backlit Remote Control

Unattractive Operating System

Standby Power Consumption: 7.3 Watts


The InFocus X8 is a multimedia projector. It produces very bright images suitable for any environment but may not satisfy Home Cinema enthusiasts.

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