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InFocus X3 Comprehensive Review and Analysis

The InFocus X3 is a DLP projector, succeeding the previous InFocus X2, tested in 2004. The casings remain identical; the changes lie within. The resolution has increased from 800 x 600 pixels to 1024 x 768, and the brightness has improved. Like the InFocus X2, the InFocus X3 is native 4/3 and touted as versatile. It is designed for everything, from presentations to movies, as confirmed by our tests. The color wheel now boasts four segments, the traditional red, green, and blue, complemented by an additional white to enhance brightness in presentations.

Technical Specification of InFocus X3

Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
Brightness 1600 lumens
Contrast 2000
Lamp Life 1,111.11 hours
Lamp Price $396

InFocus X3

Projection Size Challenge

One aspect falls slightly below average: the projection size. Even at a distance of 4 meters, the best achievable diagonal image measures only 2.6 meters. For comparison, LCD projectors typically reach an average diagonal of 3.5 meters at this distance.

InFocus X3 A Truly Versatile Projector

We encountered nothing but pleasant surprises. We counted a remarkable 14 million discernible colors, well above the average of 12 million. These colors were especially pleasing in the two primary projector modes, Presentation and Cinema, both exceptionally well defined. The former is bright (210 cd/m²), while the latter faithfully reproduces all details, even in dark areas (0.8 cd/m² in the dark). In both cases, the measured values surpass the average once again.

InFocus X3

However, there are some minor color imperfections noted in the green and blue tones. A slight blue shift is common in projectors, whereas in terms of green, we’ve seen better results in projectors like the Acer Ph110, an entry-level home cinema projector. The InFocus X3’s mixed orientation shows here. On the other hand, the color temperature in Cinema mode is slightly better executed than in Presentation mode, where dark colors may appear somewhat bluish, or whites a touch rosy; this depends on individual sensitivity.

InFocus X3

Final Verdict

After making slight adjustments to the settings, films proved to be highly detailed, albeit occasionally showing a slight shimmer in solid colors and gradients. However, challenging colors like red remain well-contained, and skin tones are accurately rendered. It performs just as admirably in office tasks, with excellent clarity across the entire screen, as long as you stick to 1024 x 768 resolution. Beyond that, text starts to blur.

InFocus X3

Strengths and Weaknesses of InFocus X3


Truly versatile

Excellent color reproduction

Good brightness in presentation mode



YUV connectivity not directly available

Larger footprint compared to office projectors

Projection size smaller than average

InFocus X3 Review Conclusion

A genuinely multi-purpose projector InFocus X3, that requires the purchase of additional cables to maximize cinema mode quality. This is our recommendation if you’re on a tight budget.

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