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InFocus Projector – InFocus IN76 Detailed Review and Analysis

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InFocus has unveiled a new line of projectors, known as Play Big, which we introduced following a presentation at their press agency on December 15th. The model we had the opportunity to review, the InFocus IN76, stands as the flagship of this new line, boasting DLP technology, a native 16:9 aspect ratio, a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, and an impressive contrast ratio of 3000:1.

Technical Specification of InFocus IN76

Definition 1280 x 720 pixels
Brightness 1000 lumens
Contrast 3000
Lamp Life 0.83333333333333 hours
Lamp Price $375


Design Excellence

The first striking feature, evident even during the initial presentation, is the design. The finishes are exquisite, and thanks to the glossy black coating (though a bit prone to fingerprints), it seamlessly fits as a centerpiece in any living room. The focus and zoom dials, albeit slightly less premium in feel, are conveniently placed above the device, ensuring no contact with the projection lens. While lacking a lens shift system, it boasts a single, round base allowing slight tilting in various directions.

InFocus IN76

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The connectivity includes crucial elements like HDMI, component, composite, S-Video, and an M1-DA port, detailed in our accompanying section on the right. Due to its DLP nature, the projection area is slightly smaller compared to LCD counterparts, measuring 2.27m from our three-meter mark, as opposed to the average 2.54m for Z4, PTAE900, and VPL HS60.

InFocus IN76

Impeccable Calibration

Color rendition reveals precise calibration, although it’s worth noting that the tested model was among the first in circulation among press agencies. Minor tweaks might be made in the final retail versions. The projector is meticulously calibrated, evident in the consistent color temperature curve from the darkest to the lightest shades.

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However, there are areas for improvement. The contrast is set too high; reducing it to 35 from 50 yields superior results. Gamut and color count measurements fell below our expectations. In comparison to similarly priced projectors like PTAE900, Z4, or TW600, the InFocus IN76 lags behind in gamut, particularly in blues and greens.

Additionally, in terms of color count, the InFocus IN76 displays 10.5 million colors instead of 14.2 (PTAE900) and 15.2 (TW600), resulting in noticeable color banding and pixelation. Discriminating between shades below the 18th gray tone proves challenging, which impacts the depth of black levels in gradients. For HD films and 720p/1080p signals from a computer, the InFocus IN76 performs admirably. Downscaling from 1080p to 720p presents no discernible drop in image quality.

InFocus IN76

InFocus IN76 Performance in Various Scenarios

When connected to a computer for office use via DVI -> HDMI, the InFocus IN76’s performance is outstanding. Text is remarkably clear, and it provides ample brightness for well-lit environments. However, for gaming, a relatively powerful graphics solution (such as a 7600 GT or X1600) is recommended to enable anti-aliasing in games.

The 1280×720 resolution on a two-meter diagonal accentuates aliasing effects on character outlines and weapons. From a “previous-generation” console like the X-Box, upscaling is smooth, but adjusting color to 44 is advised to prevent oversaturation of red tones.

InFocus IN76

Strengths and Weaknesses of InFocus IN76


Striking Design

Versatile Functionality


Dual HDMI Option

Excellent Sharpness


Limited Gamut

10.5 Million Color Range

Shallow Blacks for DLP

Stylish Design but Prone to Smudging

InFocus IN76 Review Conclusion

Say goodbye to uninspiring gray projectors tucked away after use. The InFocus IN76 is a visual marvel that begs to be showcased in the heart of your living space. Its versatility is commendable, although a wider color spectrum would have elevated it to perfection.

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