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InFocus Projector – InFocus X2 Review and Analysis

The InFocus X2 projector offers impressive precision in image quality, provided the room is completely dark. However, it is the loudest among projectors and delivers the smallest image compared to the HP model (2.56 meters diagonal at 4.10 meters distance, versus 3.24 meters with Canon’s LV-S3).

It could have also improved in reproducing color nuances, although it fares slightly better than the Acer projector in this regard, but still falls short of Canon. This often forces a choice between prioritizing clear tones for presentations or darker tones for movies, requiring adjustments in the menu for each application change.

InFocus X2

Technical Specifications of InFocus X2

Definition 800 x 600 pixels
Brightness 1600 lumens
Contrast 2000
Lamp Life 0.83 hours (approximately)
Lamp Price Not specified

Image Quality and Brightness

In terms of image sharpness and deep blacks, the InFocus X2 excels. Quick power on and off functions enhance user experience. However, in well-lit rooms, its performance is subpar.

InFocus X2

InFocus X2 Lamp Longevity and Cost Efficiency

One notable advantage is its lamp, which not only costs less than the average but also boasts an impressive lifespan of 3,000 hours, as opposed to 2,000 hours for Acer and Canon projectors. At a price point of $300, significantly lower than Canon and Acer’s $400, it offers substantial long-term savings. In silent mode, only the ViewSonic projector surpasses this.

Strength and Weaknesses


Outstanding image clarity

Deep blacks

Swift projector startup and shutdown

Cost-effective and durable lamp


Very small projected image

Limited color range

Less effective in well-lit environments

InFocus X2 Review Conclusion

While the InFocus X2 is incredibly precise in image rendering, it does produce a relatively small projected image. If you have a viewing distance greater than 5 meters, it remains an excellent choice.

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