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InFocus Projector – InFocus X10 Affordable Full HD Projector Review

InFocus enters the affordable Full HD projector market with the InFocus X10. As a sibling to the IN81, it faces competition from well-established models like the Epson EMP-TW980, Optoma HD800X, and Mitsubishi HC4900. Is this projector the revelation promised by the manufacturer for Home Cinema enthusiasts?

Technical Specifications of InFocus X10

Definition 1920 x 1080 pixels
Brightness 1200 lumens
Contrast 7500
Lamp life 0.69444444444444 hours
Price $2,229



The X10 mirrors the appearance of the IN81 with its distinctive black casing. While its imposing aesthetics may not be to everyone’s liking, we find it appealing. At the back, it offers essential ports like 1 HDMI, 1 M1-DA (a proprietary format on which you can connect an HDMI cable via a provided adapter), 1 YUV, 1 S-Video, etc. While the main connections are present, we would have preferred a second HDMI instead of the M1-DA… whose purpose remains unclear.

InFocus X10

However, there are some ergonomic drawbacks. Firstly, power consumption is higher than ideal at 10.7 Watts in standby and 323 Watts in use (144 Watts more than the TW980). The X10 is not eco-friendly. Secondly, the operational noise measured at 34 dB is not entirely discreet. It’s better placed at the back of the room or elevated (in any case, away from you). Third and lastly, the size of the projected image and zoom capabilities are lacking. The image is noticeably smaller than average, and the zoom is almost non-existent.

InFocus X10 Image Quality

In the realm of DarkChip (DLP chip, the heart of the projector), let’s meet the great-grandfather. Recent high-end DLP projectors feature the DarkChip 4. The X10, on the other hand, has a DarkChip 1. On paper, this doesn’t seem promising. In practice, this step back doesn’t bother us at all. After adjustments (see inset), the resulting image is highly convincing. Blacks are deep, colors are accurate, and precision is on point.

We did notice some aliasing (staircase effect in diagonal lines), pixelation in dark green and brown tones, and occasional rainbow effects (rare but potentially bothersome for sensitive viewers). These are points we’re willing to overlook considering the overall image quality. Scaling from an SD source (DVD) is commendable, though slightly less precise than our DViCO TViX-HD M-5100SH. In HD playback (720p, 1080p), the quality is nearly impeccable, as is the case for most HD projectors.

InFocus X10

Infocus X10 vs. Epson EMP-TW980

The face-off between the X10 and Epson EMP-TW980 highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each product. The LCD gains an edge in maximum image size, zoom, lens-shift capability, energy consumption, operational noise, and absence of visual artifacts (rainbow effects). The DLP prevails in image precision, maximum brightness, black depth, and contrast. Neither is flawless. Until the perfect product emerges, compromises must be made based on individual priorities.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Image accuracy

Aesthetics of the hull

Max brightness 840 cd/m²

Black at 0.16 cd/m²



Visible rainbow effects if you’re sensitive

34 dB in operation

Energy consumption

No lens shift, almost non-existent zoom

InFocus X10 Review Conclusion

InFocus has successfully entered the market with its affordable Full HD projector, the X10. While it’s not without its flaws, such as higher energy consumption, potential rainbow effects, and limited maximum image size, it delivers an impressive image with exceptional precision and black levels.


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