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WoW Classic: Phase 3 of Season of Discovery – Finding Runes for Paladins with Locations

The 3rd phase of the “Season of Discovery” began for all World of Warcraft Classic fans on Thursday, April 4, 2024. A significant addition to the game is the introduction of new class runes aimed at enhancing player abilities. This game tip focuses on the paladins and provides information about all the known runes and where to find them.

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WoW Classic Discovery: All Runes for Paladins (Level 50, Phase 3) Δ

WoW Classic; Phase 3 Find Runes for Paladins with Locations (1)

Light’s Grace Δ

  • Slot: wrist
  • Level?

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The Holy Light spell you cast makes your next Holy Light spell faster by 0.5 seconds. This effect stays active for 15 seconds.

Location Δ

To acquire this rune, you must reach Frix Xizzix in Feralas. However, the main challenge lies in reaching him. You’ll need to head to the platform near Wirdal Wondergear, which you can access in two ways:

  • If you finish the quest “Quadrangulation” from the Phase 2 crafting quest line, you can utilize the teleporter in Booty Bay, located at /way 28, 77.
  • Alternatively, there’s a teleporter in Feralas at the base of the peak, positioned at /way 85, 44. You don’t require quest completion to use this teleporter.

Once you approach Wirdel, you’ll notice a crashed flying machine atop a pillar to the northwest, roughly at /way 81, 42 on the opposite side of the valley. There’s no obvious route to reach the summit. Here’s where it gets tricky: you must endure a significant knockback to access the peak the hard way!

Adjust your faction to “at war” with the “Gadgetzan” faction in your reputation window. Prepare to confront one of three mechanical pets known as Tower Defense Automatons, but first, position yourself correctly: stand at the edge of the ledge nearest to the pillar and face away from it.

A dragon variant of the Tower Defense Automaton patrols the vicinity. Engage it, and it will knock you back (sometimes with a bit of jostling initially, so stay alert). The knockback also inflicts silence upon you.

If you’re knocked back and fail to reach the summit, you’ll plummet to your demise as the silence prevents you from activating your “bubble” (a helpful tip: consider unequipping your gear to avoid repair costs). In such an event, return to the teleporter at the peak’s base to make another attempt, located at /way 85, 44.

Near the wreckage of the crashed flying machine, you’ll find Frix Xizzix, whose health has dwindled to 30%.

Nurture him with healing until you trigger the spell effect “Feeling much better, thank you!” and he rises to his feet. Grateful for your aid, he ponders how to proceed and requests one of your “fancy bubble blessing things.” You’ll then have the dialogue option to “Touch Frix and give him your protection blessing.” Expressing his gratitude, he directs you to visit his brother in Booty Bay.

Make your way to Booty Bay to locate Rix Xizzix at /way 28, 76. This NPC typically restores lost trinkets, but this time, the Rune of Grace is also available for purchase at the cost of 1 gold piece.

Return to Stormwind Cathedral and deliver the quest to Katherine the Pure to receive the ability “Fanaticism.”

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Fanaticism Δ

  • Slot: head
  • Level 44+

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This boosts your chance of landing a critical strike with Holy spells by 18%.

Location Δ

Before Aeonas appears, you must have already completed the Mantle of Light rune (Phase 2). Furthermore, finishing this rune is necessary before you can embark on the quest line for the Hammer of the Righteous rune (Phase 3).

Initiate a conversation with Aeonas at Stormwind Cathedral, and then proceed to speak with Katherine the Pure. Following this, you’ll be given the quest “The Mysterious Merchant,” which will lead you to Theramore.

At the Theramore Inn, approach Paladin Elrick and hand over “The Mysterious Merchant.” Then, accept the quest “Elrick, Paladin of the Silver Hand” from Elrick himself. He, accompanied by a Stern-faced Bar Patron, will confront you. Defeat Elrick, and he will drop a Bloody Missive. Interact with it to complete the quest “The Bloody Missive,” thus initiating your journey back to Katherine the Pure.

Group Note: Only one member of a group can directly acquire the Bloody Missive from Elrick’s capture. If there are other paladins in the group, they can obtain additional copies of the Bloody Missive from the innkeeper. Click on the letter to finish the quest “The Bloody Missive” and proceed.

Hammer of the Righteous Δ

  • Slot: wrist
  • Level 50

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Acquire the Hammer of the Righteous ability:

This skill strikes the current target and up to 2 extra nearby targets, dealing Holy damage equal to 4 times the damage of your weapon’s hand weapon per second.

Location Δ

To obtain this rune, paladins must have previously completed the Fanaticism rune.

Begin by heading to Felwood (located at /way 43, 57). There, you’ll spot a climbable rope leading to Aeonas. Engage in conversation with him, exhaust all dialogue options, and then speak to Gregory (Truthbearer). After exhausting his dialogue options as well, he will offer you the quest “Materials of Significance.”

You’ll need to gather the following specified materials:

  • Fiery Infernal Core: These can be acquired by defeating infernals and entropic beasts in Scar Pit, north of Blood Poison Falls in Felwood.
  • Shimmering Grave Dust: Obtain this by looting Shimmering Grave Dust from the defeated Princess Theradras, found in Maraudon.
  • Triple Brewed Molten Lager: Purchase this item from Plugger Spazzring at the Grim Guzzler bar in Blackrock Depths for 2 gold and 50 silver.
  • Symbol of Faith: This item is located in Süderstade in the Hillsbrad Foothills at /way 67, 14.

Once you have gathered all the items, return to Gregory (Truthbearer) to turn in the quest and receive the rune.

Purifying Power Δ

  • Slot: wrist
  • Level 40+

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Reduces the cooldown of Exorcism and Holy Wrath by 50%. Holy Wrath can now be cast on any target, stunning demonic and undead targets for 2 sec

Location Δ

To obtain this rune, you must channel into 4 Ley Crystals scattered across the world. Each crystal requires 1 channeling quest material, totaling 4 materials. Obtain the worldcore fragments to use for this purpose. You can acquire these fragments by using the Scroll of Geomancy discovered while exploring the goblins, or alternatively, a mage in your party can utilize it.

Here are the locations of the Ley Crystals:

  • Feralas: The Upper Wilds, located at /way 57, 60.
  • Hinterlands: North of the Altar of Zul, situated at /way 48, 59.
  • Azshara: Southwest mountains near Lonely Ridge, found at /way 22, 79.
  • Scorching Gorge: Positioned at /way 55, 65.

Closing each devil portal summons an Enraged Leywalker, an arcane elemental of level 47, naturally immune to arcane damage. These battles pose a challenge even for level 50 players, so it’s advisable to bring a group along if possible. Upon defeating the Enraged Leywalker in each zone, you’ll receive a separate ley crystal:

Once you’ve obtained one of each Ley Crystal, combine them to learn the rune..

Improved Hammer of Wrath Δ

  • Slot: wrist
  • Level 23 (44)

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The Hammer of Wrath ability has been updated. It is now an instant cast, and its cooldown will reset whenever it deals damage to an enemy with less than 10% health.

Location Δ

To obtain this rune, you must maintain a friendly reputation with the Emerald Warden faction. Once you’ve attained the required reputation level, visit one of the quartermasters of the Emerald Wardens and purchase the rune for 1 gold and 60 silver. Here are the designated quartermasters:

Improved Sanctuary Δ

  • Slot: head
  • Level 50

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This rune enhances the effectiveness of your Blessing of Sanctuary in two ways:

  • It doubles the amount of damage prevented by your Blessing of Sanctuary.
  • It boosts the damage dealt by your Blessing of Sanctuary by 30% of your shield block value.

Location Δ

Felwood: To initiate the process for this rune, head to Felwood and acquire the quest “The Wild Gods” from the Shadowtooth Emissary located in the Emerald Refuge at /way 52, 82. It’s crucial to note that this initial quest cannot be shared among group members; each participant must accept it individually.

Important Note: Only one player within the party needs to have completed the following step: Visit Jinth’Alor in the Hinterlands and eliminate Elite Trolls to obtain the Wildwhisper Draught.

Barrens: Proceed to the Barrens and make your way to Razortusk Hill. Clear the area surrounding Amnennar the Coldbringer and consume the Wildwhisper Draught. This action will summon the Spirit of Agamaggan. Interact with Agamaggan to receive a quest and obtain Agamaggan’s Roar. Only one player in the group needs to drink the brew to summon Agamaggan.

For added variety, you now have the option to complete all three dungeons or engage in multiple runs within the same dungeon. The Wild Offering dropped by the three mobs in these dungeons are identical. As Wild Offering serves as a currency, it’s beneficial to accumulate more of it regardless.

Within each of the three dungeons associated with this rune, specific mobs must be defeated to summon a ghostly mob.

This ghostly entity can be defeated once per dungeon lockout, allowing for subsequent runs through the dungeon. Upon fulfilling the condition to trigger each Ghost Mob, you’ll receive a “You Feel a Shadowy Presence” chat emote. Utilize Agamaggan’s Roar near the ghostly mob to provoke a level 52 Elite NPC known as the Delirious Ancient into hostility. Each Ancient drops 1x Wild Offering:

Once you’ve gathered all three Wild Offerings, return to the Shadowtooth Emissary to claim your rune.

Wrath Δ

  • Slot: head
  • Level 40+

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Your Consecration spell now has the ability to deliver critical strikes. Additionally, the damage output from your Exorcism, Holy Shock, Holy Wrath, and Consecration spells is augmented with an extra chance to land critical strikes, matching the critical strike probability of your melee attacks.

Location Δ

The target mob required for the rune’s completion only emerges during specific time intervals. Currently, the precise hour range for its appearance remains uncertain. Players have reported encountering it after 9:00 p.m. server time, yet the duration of its spawn time remains ambiguous.

  • In the Hinterlands, paladins must locate and eliminate a Vengeful Spirit (find and kill by Sense Undead) near the Quel’Danil hunting lodge, situated at /way 33, 44. The Vengeful Spirit is at level 45, but it is not an elite creature.
  • After defeating the Vengeful Spirit, journey to Ironforge and seek out Magister Falathin in the Mystic Quarter, located at /way 27, 10. Select the available dialogue option to obtain the rune.

Rest assured, as additional runes are discovered, we will promptly update the corresponding articles. Since the Season of Discovery is not tested on the PTR (Public Test Realm), it typically takes some time after its release on live servers for all runes to be uncovered.

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