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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 3, Find Runes for Wizards and Their Locations

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, the third phase of the “Season of Discovery” kicked off for all WoW Classic enthusiasts. One of the most crucial additions is the introduction of new class runes, aimed at boosting player power. In this gaming tip, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of all known runes specifically designed for magicians, along with where to find them.

The developers have rolled out several new features as part of the “Season of Discovery” in World of Warcraft Classic, also known as “Classic+,” which was initially unveiled at Blizzcon 2023. Among these enhancements are additional leveling phases preceding level 60, fresh level-up raids, the introduction of new class roles, and the implementation of a novel rune engraving and rune system geared towards enhancing player prowess.

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With the new rune system, players can obtain runes through various means such as “discovery” quests, treasure chests, or concealed secrets scattered across the vast lands of Azeroth. Once a rune is unlocked, it becomes accessible through the newly added rune interface, accessible via the character window. Through this interface, players can employ “rune engraving” spells to affix runes onto different pieces of equipment. This attachment of runes grants access to new spells for the player to utilize.

In the subsequent gaming tip, we’ll furnish you with a detailed breakdown of all the runes currently known to us for magicians and their respective locations within the game world during the “Season of Discovery – Phase 3,” corresponding to Level 50 progression.

WoW Classic Discovery: All Runes for Mages (Level 50, Phase 3)

WoW Classic; Season of Discovery Phase 3, Find Runes for Wizards and Their Locations (1)

Advanced Protection Spell

  • Slot: Head
  • Level: 50

This spell enhances the effectiveness of your Mana Shield, Frost Ward, and Fire Ward by 100%. Additionally, it reduces the mana drained by Mana Shield by 50% per amount of damage dealt.


Felwood: Acquire the quest “The Wild Gods” from Shadowfang Emissaries in the Emerald Refuge (/way 52, 82). This initial quest cannot be shared; each member of the group must accept it individually.

Note: Only one player in the party needs to have completed the following step: Head to Jinth’Alor in the Hinterlands, and defeat Elite Trolls to acquire Wildspeak Brew.

In the Barrens, proceed to Razortusk Hill and clear the area around Amnennar the Coldbringer. Consume Wildspeak Brew to summon the spirit of Agamaggan. Interact with him for a quest and obtain Agamaggan’s Roar. Only one player needs to drink the brew to summon Agamaggan.

For added variety, complete all three dungeons or run multiple times in the same dungeon. There’s no distinction between the Wild Offerings dropped by the three mobs. Since Wild Offering also serves as currency, it’s advisable to farm more of it.

In each of these dungeons relevant to this rune, certain mobs must be defeated to summon a ghostly mob. This ghostly mob can be slain once per dungeon lockout, allowing you to reset and revisit the dungeon. Upon triggering the condition for each Ghost Mob, you’ll receive a “You Feel a Shadowy Presence” chat emote. Use Agamaggan’s Roar near the ghostly mob to summon a level 52 Elite NPC named the Delirious Ancient, from whom each Ancestor leaves 1x Wild Offering.


Defeat any three bosses to obtain a Ghost Spider for the Mad Ancient to summon.


Clear Princess Theradras’ area to acquire a ghost raptor for the Delusional Ancient. The Ghost Raptor is located in the water on the upper level near the turtles. DO NOT jump down for this!

Blackrock Depths

Complete all three boss encounters (Interrogator Gerstahn, Dog Master Grebmar, and the Ring of Law event) to summon a ghostly basilisk on the Dark Iron Road (Road to Bael’gar) for the Mad Ancient.

Once you’ve collected all three Wild Offerings, return to Shadowfang Emissary to claim your rune.

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Glowing Armor

  • Slot: Wrist
  • Level: 23

This armor inflicts 12,508 Fire damage to an enemy when hit. It also boosts your spell critical hit chance by 5% and reduces the chance of suffering critical hits by 5%. Only one armor spell can be active on the mage at a time. It lasts for 30 minutes.


This rune requires a friendly reputation with the Emerald Warden faction. Once you’ve attained the necessary reputation level, visit one of the quartermasters of the Emerald Guardians and purchase the rune for 1 gold 60 silver from Quartermaster Kyleen, Weaponsmith Valdane, Quartermaster Falinar, or Armorer Alandra.


  • Slot: Head
  • Level: 40+

This spell stuns the target for 5 sec, functioning exclusively on frozen targets. It deals 577,875 to 672,937 damage to targets permanently immune to stun effects.


To obtain the Freeze Rune, you must read additional books beyond the 20 needed to acquire Icy Veins (Phase 1) and Spell Power (Phase 2). The total number of books required for this rune is 25.

There are 8 new books in Phase 3. The guide linked below contains all locations with waypoints:

  • Swamps of Misery, /way 70, 51 – Bloody Sorcery
  • Tanaris, /way 73, 48 – Legends of the Tide Sages
  • Feralas, /way 51, 16 (in the book) – The Threshold and the Arcane
  • Azshara, /way 21, 62 – Everyday Etiquette
  • Blackrock Depths, Center of the Iron Vault (on the Altar) – Stonework Designs
  • The Hinterlands, /way 36, 73 – Poisonous Journeys
  • Scorching Gorge, /way 38, 50 – Possibilities of Metal
  • Blasted Lands, /way 55, 32 – Summoner’s Code

Mages require a Scroll of Spatial Healing to acquire this rune. These scrolls are crafted by enchanters and can be purchased from the Auction House. They can also be found randomly in decrypted mage scrolls.

Players must then locate a Fel Portal (e.g. Fel Shard, Fel Tear, or Fel Breach) across Azeroth. Closing one of these devil portals with a Scroll of Spatial Healing will reward you with this rune.

Devil Portal Locations

  • Fel Shard: Barrens, Westfall, Darkshore, Silverwood
  • Devil’s Breach: Barrens, Ash Valley, Redridge Mountains
  • Devil’s Tear: Swamps of Misery, Desolace
  • Devil’s Scar: Feralas, Azshara, Blasted Lands

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  • Slot: Wrist
  • Level: 40+

This spell teleports you back to where you last cast Blink and completes Blink’s cooldown. It can only be used within 10 seconds of casting Blink.


Channel into 4 Ley Crystals scattered around the world. You need 1 channeling quest material per crystal (4 in total). You can obtain the world core fragments using the Scroll of Geomancy you found while exploring the goblins, or a mage in your party can use it.

Locations for Ley Crystals

  • Feralas: The Upper Wilds, /way 57, 60
  • Hinterland: North of the Altar of Zul, /way 48, 59
  • Azshara: Southwest mountains near Lonely Ridge, /way 22, 79
  • Scorching Gorge: /way 55, 65

Closing each devil portal creates an Angry Leywalker, a level 47 arcane elemental naturally immune to arcane damage. These are challenging fights even at level 50; so bring a group if possible. Depending on the zone, defeating the Angry Leywalker yields a separate ley crystal:

  • Azshara: Azshara Leycrystal
  • Hinterland: Hinterland Leycrystal
  • Feralas: Feralas Leycrystal
  • Searing Gorge: Blackrock Leycrystal

Once you’ve collected one of each Ley Crystal, combine them to learn the rune.

Time Anomaly

  • Slot: Head
  • Level: 42

This spell launches a ball of temporal energy that slowly moves forward, granting all nearby party members a shield every 2 sec, absorbing 125,081 damage for 15 sec.


Upon reaching level 42, complete the quest “A Lesson in Literacy” by Garion Wendell in Stormwind or Owen Thadd in Lower City.

  • Collect 8x Farraki Papyrus in Zul’Farrak.
  • Collect 5x Zukk’ash Resin from bug mobs in Feralas.
  • Collect 1x Pristine Owlbeast Quill from Owlkin in the Hinterlands.

Upon completion of this quest, you’ll receive the Time Anomaly Rune and a personal magic book.

As more runes are discovered, corresponding articles will be updated. Since the Season of Discovery isn’t tested on the PTR, it takes a while after hitting the live servers until all runes are found.

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