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Starfield Incorporates a Popular Fallout Mechanic With a Significant Twist

Starfield has now integrated a popular mechanic from the Fallout series, enhancing the experience of exploring the Settled Systems. Throughout Bethesda’s space RPG, players can enlist numerous companions to accompany them on their journeys, each endowed with distinct skills and perks. Even the adoring fan can provide a morale boost, irrespective of how direly players might have been defeated in battle moments earlier. However, one crucial element has always been absent: the ability to obtain a pet.

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The new Follower Pet – CCR mod by SpaceDodo rectifies this, granting players the capability to domesticate any creature within the game. The sole disparity from Fallout’s pets lies in the fact that while Fallout features dogs, Starfield presents a myriad of alien creatures. This distinction arguably renders the mod considerably more captivating.

The Official Pet Mechanic in Fallout Often Comes with Conditions

The Official Pet Mechanic in Fallout Often Comes with Conditions

Fallout 4 provides players with the opportunity to obtain dogs through the use of dog cages. Domesticated canines contribute to the happiness and defense levels of settlements, while mongrels have the opposite effect, diminishing these metrics. Additionally, players can choose to have a pet dog named Dogmeat as one of their primary companions throughout the series.

The Fallout games that allow players to have a dog companion are as follows:

  • Fallout
  • Fallout 2
  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout 4
  • Fallout Shelter (including Fallout Shelter Online)
  • Fallout: The Roleplaying Game

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Across these games, players can enlist Dogmeat to fetch supplies or utilize him as a warning system, as he emits growls upon detecting nearby enemies. However, there are conditions for unlocking Dogmeat as a companion. In Fallout 3, players must rescue him from raiders in a scrapyard, while in Fallout 4, simply “Greet the dog” at the Red Rocket truck stop is sufficient. Dogmeat exhibits unwavering protection towards his master, serving as a fiercely loyal companion during wasteland exploration. This loyalty is further exemplified in his appearance in Fallout 3, where he seeks revenge for the death of his previous master.

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