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Starfield Player Reveals an Effective Ship-Stealing Strategy

Recently, a Starfield fan came up with a unique strategy for stealing ships. This method demands precision and nerve but proves remarkably effective with minimal preparation. The detailed plan might encourage more Starfield players to try their hand at space piracy again.

Stealing ships in Bethesda’s newest RPG isn’t too complicated. But like other crimes players can commit, it’s much simpler to pull off when flying solo. This is mainly because docking a ship and taking out its crew while your own crew is around often leads to hefty bounties since there are more witnesses. Since the game encourages always having a crewed ship for bonuses, many players might eventually ditch piracy because it’s not worth the trouble.

Yet, it appears there’s a method to intercept and steal spacecraft without going alone, while ensuring your crew doesn’t witness any bounty-worthy actions. Reddit user glow162 found this approach, which is simple: it needs a non-lethal Starfield weapon like a Novablast Disruptor and a lethal one for serious damage. It’s advisable for the lethal weapon to prioritize single-shot damage, especially for the cold-blooded part of the plan—executions.

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The process is simple: first, dock the Starfield vessel you want, then use the non-lethal weapon to take out its crew. If you do it alone, you won’t get a bounty for using something like a Novablast Disruptor on them. But don’t expect any of them to survive because the next step is executing them individually. This is where a powerful weapon is important, as hurting unconscious enemies wakes them up. So, it’s vital to finish them swiftly to avoid a bounty.

Figured out how to steal ships, WITHOUT having to dismiss your crew, & NO BOUNTY!
byu/glow162 inStarfield

How to Steal Starfield Ships with Your Crew Without Getting a Bounty

  • Equip a non-lethal weapon and a highly powerful lethal one.
  • Board a ship alone.
  • Subdue the crew using the non-lethal weapon.
  • Rapidly eliminate the unconscious crew members with the lethal weapon.

Because of the complex steps, it’s likely Bethesda didn’t plan for players to avoid bounties while stealing ships through such violent executions. Simply attacking conscious crew members with a lethal weapon still results in penalties, even if the player eliminates all witnesses

With things as they are, this method might get fixed in a future Starfield update, especially if it becomes popular enough for Bethesda to notice. For now, glow162’s discovery could assist some players in trying out space piracy with little preparation and fewer bounties.

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