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Starfield Player Discovers Hidden Location After 850 Hours of Gameplay

A player of Starfield has uncovered a previously unknown location within the game after investing over 850 hours of gameplay. The discovery sheds light on the vastness and depth of the Starfield universe, leaving players intrigued and eager for more exploration.

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Reddit User Discovery & Reflection on Starfield’s Depth

As Reported by Dexerto, one Reddit user, known as Constellation_XI, shared their incredible experience of stumbling upon the Trade Authority Space Station in the orbit of Prax after investing over 850 hours in the game. The discovery, reminiscent of a thrilling mission at a Casino, showcases the depth of exploration within Starfield.

“Somehow after 850+ hours I just now found the Trade Authority Space Station in the orbit of Prax. Cool mission, reminds me of the Casino.” – Constellation_XI

Somehow after 850+ hours I just now found the Trade Authority Space Station in the orbit of Prax… Cool mission, reminds me of the Casino.
byu/Constellation_XI inStarfield

Constellation_XI’s discovery sparked discussions among Starfield players, with many expressing amazements at the countless hidden elements within the game. A user named docclox remarked on the continuous surprises in Starfield, contradicting claims that the game lacks depth. docclox commented:

“It constantly amazes me the number of things in this game that I’ve yet to stumble over,”

Constellation_XI echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the constant exploration and discovery that makes the game worth the investment. He added:

“Agreed. I always keep seeing people say this game is a mile wide and an inch deep but I just haven’t experienced that. I am constantly finding new things. I legit just jump from system to system, fly around and just find random stuff all the time. I’ve so gotten my money’s worth from this game.”

Starfield Review Excerpt

According to a review from The Tech Basic; “Bethesda’s Starfield is hailed as a promising game in all aspects. The review highlights the game’s complex yet easily understandable story, conveying context directly and objectively. This approach makes the plot engaging from the beginning and encourages players to progress further.”

Despite some polarizing opinions, Starfield continues to captivate players with its expansive universe and ongoing mysteries. With the anticipation for the upcoming Shattered Space expansion, players are eager to delve deeper into the depths of Starfield’s galaxy. The discovery of the hidden location serves as a testament to the game’s ability to provide endless exploration and adventure.

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