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Players Criticize Starfield as “Lazy” After Spotting a Disappointing Detail

Players are criticizing Starfield as “lazy” after noticing a disappointing detail: several important NPCs are identical.

Bethesda has a track record of creating fantastic RPGs, but unfortunately, Starfield (Review) has missed the mark. One of its key issues is the lack of life and identity in its universe. While exploring distant planets in your own starship is fun, the gameplay lacks depth once you land.

The game is often described as “Fallout but in space,” which rings true to many players. Additionally, players are still mocking Starfield months after its release for reusing the same character model for multiple important characters.

On Reddit, JonBovi_0 pointed out that three major child characters share the same appearance, calling it “a little odd.” They emphasized that while the quests tied to these characters are enjoyable, it’s disappointing that they’re all the same person. Other players expressed frustration at Bethesda’s creative shortcuts, particularly regarding children in the game.

I find it a little odd that three plus major child characters are literally the exact same person
byu/JonBovi_0 inStarfield

One player humorously noted, “We have more children with that damn hairstyle than habitable planets in the game.” Another criticized Bethesda for the oversight, stating, “They always do poorly with children, but this was the worst.” Finally, a player mentioned that using the same character model for the Ranger’s daughter could have been avoided, suggesting a rushed development process.

Despite Bethesda’s efforts to support Starfield with updates, many players are simply waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI instead.

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