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Bot Invasion Sparks Chaos in WoW’s Dragonflight – Zaralek Caverns Overrun

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While encountering bots in WoW Dragonflight is rare, the game faces a significant bot problem. To avoid detection, automated characters roam into old areas such as the Zaralek Caverns.

Bots pose a substantial issue in many games, including WoW. Despite the developers’ considerable efforts and the introduction of various systems in recent years, they cannot seem to win the battle against bots. This is evident from the staggering number of accounts banned in World of Warcraft every month.

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All Blizzard developers can do is try to keep the problem as small as possible and make life difficult for the bots. In practice, however, this is more challenging than it seems. Thus, bots in WoW Dragonflight continue to roam freely.

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The most effective means against bots still rely on players who spot and report them within automated systems. However, players are advised not to contact the bots directly but rather report them through the internal system.

Bot Invasion Sparks Chaos in WoW's Dragonflight Zaralek Caverns Overrun (1)

To avoid detection, bots increasingly move to zones where players are scarce, such as the Zaralek Caverns.

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Zaralek Caverns Inundated by Bots

The Zaralek Caverns were the focus in WoW Patch 10.1. With the advent of 10.2 and the emergence of the Emerald Dream, the caverns became nearly deserted, with few players venturing there.

Since the new area of the Emerald Dream lacks additional resources like ore and herbs not found in the “old” Zaralek Caverns, many bots now exploit the abandoned region for undisturbed farming. We have also noticed this upon our return. The extent of the problem becomes apparent through a user who explored the various layers of the Zaralek Caverns and discovered numerous bots.

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Every layer in Zaralek Caverns (Literally) is filled with bots.
byu/Xharan_Firesoul inwow

It appears that the concerned player is not alone in their observations, as many others share their experiences regarding the masses of bots in the comments. Thankfully, bots in the old areas have minimal impact on other characters in terms of gameplay. However, the economy is undoubtedly affected by the materials and gold automated farming generates. Blizzard’s future actions and any additional measures taken remain unclear at this time.

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