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WoW: The Trading Post in July – Underwater Adventures, Cute Pets & Cool Mounts

July brings a lot of new content to the WoW Trading Post, all dedicated to underwater adventures. With the change of month in WoW, the trading posts in Stormwind and Orgrimmar get new supplies. The old offers disappear and are replaced by a whole host of new goods. This is a reminder that you only have a few days left to grab the goods from June.

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July is all about the waves and the sea. We not only get nautical-themed mounts and pets, but also various transmogs that would look good on our next underwater adventure. Our personal favorite is the deep diving suit.

Once again, there are two mounts up for grabs. One of them can fly, but unfortunately not with the new dynamic flying. Nevertheless, we are sure that the new offerings from the trading post in WoW will find plenty of fans.

As always, anyone who completes the travel diary this month can look forward to a special reward: the Trishion. This battle pet not only looks cute, but also has a lot to offer. It is a completely new pet that was added to the game especially for the trading post. In the following picture gallery, you will find all the known pictures of the new goods in the trading post for July.

New July Goods at the WoW Trading Post

WoW Trading Post in July Underwater Adventures Pets & Mounts (1)

Do you still regularly visit the World of Warcraft Trading Post, or has the principle become so worn out for you that you only take what comes your way? Fortunately, no one who plays WoW regularly should have any problems completing the monthly tasks on the side.

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