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WoW: Not Just Potion Bombs – Engineers are Putting Battle Rez Classes Out of Work

In WoW: The War Within, engineers don’t just make potion bombs; they also excel in battle rezzes and wipe saves, even offering gold-saving “break zones.”

After showcasing Engineer’s Potion Bombs, WoW: The War Within introduces even more useful items for engineers. The tools allowing engineers to revive players in combat or after a raid wipe become more accessible and user-friendly.

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Let’s delve into these enhancements and explore the other fascinating gadgets engineers bring in The War Within.

After Potion Bombs – Engineers Are Becoming More And More Important In TWW

Convincingly Realistic Jumper Cables

Frighten a “dead” ally with the threat of a powerful electric shock, restoring them to “life” with 35% health and 10% mana. Castable in combat. Sometimes you fail to make a compelling case.

Item quality affects cast time. Cannot be used by players higher than level 70.

The new resurrection cables in The War Within no longer require the user to be an engineer , nor do they require the tool to be applied to a specific item slot via adornment. So it will be much easier to use the Battle Rez tool.

Irresistible Red Button

Deploy a device that can be activated by you or a party or raid member when a crisis is imminent. When activated, it will attempt to resurrect all nearby allies at the end of combat.

Lasts for 1 hour or until activation. Must be deployed prior to combat.

Using the Red Button, engineers once again have the opportunity to revive players within a certain radius after combat . However, unlike the new revival cables, this gadget can only be used by engineers. So you don’t necessarily have to use a sorcerer to put a soul stone on a player to save the raid from going to the boss after a wipe.

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Pausing Pylon

Deploy a Pausing Pylon that will disrupt the natural metabolic processes of players standing nearby, halting the expiration of Khaz Algar Flasks, Phials, and Well Fed effects.

The pylon is extremely fragile and will detonate in the presence of violence.

Do you log out during the raid break so that your bottles and food buff don’t run out? That doesn’t have to be the case. Simply stand in the engineer’s new break pylon , where these effects no longer occur.

Of course, the effect only lasts outside of combat and only works with the new flasks and food buffs from The War Within and Khaz Algar.

Generate Wormhole

Open a wormhole that allows the user to quickly travel to a random location in Khaz Algar.

The new wormhole generator teleports you to random locations in Khaz Algar.

Summon Portable Profession Possibility Projector

Summon a Possibility Projector configured to satisfy the needs of crafting tables. Only one workbench can be displayed at a time and can only be changed by the Engineer.

This gadget allows engineers to set up crafting stations for different professions. Only the engineer can determine which profession the mobile craft table applies to.

Algari Repair Bot 11O

Deploy a small earthen golem to allow you and fellow adventurers to repair your equipment. Lasts for 10 min.

This new repair bot can be crafted by engineers in The War Within.

Crowd Pummeler 2-30

This is a new engineer’s mount that looks great. How do you like it?

Engineers in The War Within can also craft two new toys: Defective Escape Pod, Stonebound Lantern. It is possible that even more useful engineering items will be added before the expansion is released. However, the profession already seems more valuable than in the previous expansions.

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