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WoW: “A Touch of Warning” – New Short Story with Alleria Windrunner

Blizzard has released an exciting short story for World of Warcraft lore enthusiasts. This tale delves into the character of Alleria Windrunner, who holds a pivotal role in the forthcoming WoW expansion, The War Within.

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Azeroth faces dark times ahead, yet amidst the looming peril, there’s cause for celebration among World of Warcraft lore aficionados. Blizzard’s latest short story, “A Hint of Warning,” sets the stage for the impending events in The War Within. Written by the skilled author Delilah S. Dawson, this narrative delves into the intricacies of Alleria Windrunner’s fate and her complex familial ties. Accessible as a downloadable PDF on the official WoW website, fans can easily immerse themselves in this captivating tale.

Alleria and Her Journey to Silvermoon

WoW; 'A Touch of Warning' Story with Alleria Windrunner (1)

Alleria Windrunner and the Ren’dorei will have significant roles in the upcoming expansion. Their story acts as a link to WoW: Midnight, the second part of the world soul saga. But before the eldest Windrunner sister confronts Xal’atath and the Nerubians, she revisits her old home.

“The afternoon sun broke through the blood-red foliage as Alleria Windrunner followed the path to Silvermoon. In times past, happier times, she would probably have flown or used a portal to appear within the city walls, but given the situation, she was approaching with caution, as if the city were a sleeping beast that did not like to be awakened. It had once protected these walls and its inhabitants.


Now, from most people’s point of view, she was the source of danger.”

The short story offers intriguing insights into Alleria’s inner thoughts. How much will she sacrifice to protect her loved ones? The Void Elf herself acknowledges the temptation of the Void. Alleria’s destiny hangs in the balance, and we eagerly anticipate her journey in WoW: The War Within.

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