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Starfield’s New Beta Patch Adds Exciting Surprises, Decorations, and More

Bethesda promised a new Starfield patch, now in beta, with some surprises. Early testers are discovering these surprises, which are quite impressive.

The main surprise found by players is many new decoration options for bases and ships. Around two dozen new items have been added, expanding choices like in Fallout 4 and 76. These were not listed as a bonus but waited to be discovered.

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You can check out Mills Builds for a good showcase of the items. Later, I’ll list what’s there.

New Decorative Items Include

  • 8 new chairs
  • 2 new beds
  • 5 new desks
  • 7 new framed paintings
  • 1 new rug
  • 1 new hanging tapestry
  • 1 set of numbers and letters
  • 2-3 new planters

That’s exciting. I wished for more options for building bases and ships, especially bigger pieces. However, I believe they’ll come later since they aim to expand building options gradually.

Starfield's New Beta Patch Adds Exciting Surprises and More (1)

Moreover, players are uncovering intriguing details about the new game maps. Surprisingly, the open-world maps reveal more detail than expected.

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The Open-World Maps Display

  • Individual components of your base, not merely an icon.
  • Precise layouts of Points of Interest (POIs) in the distance, revealing the type of location you’re approaching, including buildings and geological features.
  • Ships on the map, not limited to your own, but also those landing nearby or at POIs, with sufficient detail to discern their type and determine if they’re worth pursuing for potential hijacking.

None of this was explained or showcased in the patch preview. It’s a cool detail, better than many other games’ open-world maps. Now, I understand why it took so long for these features to be added. It would have been ideal to have them at launch, but here we are.

These might not be the final secrets, and more might be added after the beta ends. Keep an eye out for the official launch in the middle of the month.

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