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Starfield’s Surprising Map Overhaul Delights Fans: What’s Next for the Game?

Starfield (review) surprises with a feature that Bethesda developers never expected to implement so well. The previous in-game map was criticized heavily, but look at what the development studio is doing with it now.

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Since Starfield’s successful launch in September 2023, thousands of fans have continued playing the game. However, it has been plagued by “teething problems” that are unexpected in a modern blockbuster title. Above all, the in-game map frustrated me genuinely because it lacked information, which seemed laughable.

Bethesda, known for games like Fallout and Skyrim, has never offered such a poor in-game world map. The excuse was that players were exploring planets, but did anyone really buy that? Apparently, only a few did because over half a year later, the developers are finally delivering what I was waiting for.

Finally, An Excellent Map in Starfield

The next update for Starfield won’t come out until May 15, 2024, but it’s already in beta testing. Lots of fans and content creators have checked it out, and they’re excited. And you know what? I agree. Because this in-game map is really impressive! Just to remind you, here’s how the in-game map looked before:

Starfield's Surprising Map Overhaul Delights Fans (1)
Ingame map of Starfield before the May 15, 2024 patch, which includes a better map as a feature.

Wasn’t it very informative? Well, I won’t bother you anymore – starting from May 15, 2024, Starfield will look like this instead (the screenshot is from a different area):

Starfield's Surprising Map Overhaul Delights Fans (2)
Starfield’s new in-game map, which is part of the May 15, 2024 update.

Players Are So Happy About the New Maps

Every tiny crater, every structure in your outposts, every part of your spaceship, and other pilots are all shown accurately. Here, the developers have truly surpassed the players’ expectations, which are sometimes not very high. You can find posts on Reddit expressing happiness about the upcoming update.

The new map system appear to be dynamic and rendered in real-time: It shows exactly what your ship looks like and everything you place in your outpost
byu/JarusinTheStars inStarfield

And it’s not only about the large maps of planetary surfaces. Even the “local maps” of building complexes are meticulously detailed, down to the smallest detail. This surprised me a lot because the “local maps” have never been impressive in any Bethesda game before.

New Map of the Well. Wow. Love the 3D map. Better than Baldur’s Gate IMHO
byu/indigo196 inStarfield

What Else Is in The New Update for Starfield?

While I’m really happy about the better maps, they’re not the only new thing in the upcoming patch for Starfield. The big update in May will also include the following improvements (according to Bethesda):

  • Reworked inventory navigation
  • New gameplay options (difficulty, ammo weight, sleep healing, cargo range, and more)
  • Decoration mode for the interior of your ships
  • Traits and appearance possible by entering “Unity”.
  • Optional activation of the dialogue camera in options
  • Display settings for Xbox Series X to improve performance or visuals

You can find the full patch notes for the previous beta update on the official Bethesda website. What are you most excited about? Has Starfield managed to keep you interested until now? Or are you ready for something new?

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