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Microsoft Harasses Windows 10 Users to Upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to get users to switch to Windows 11. The tech giant is using the end of support for Windows 10 as a reason to display full-screen ads to users, urging them to upgrade to the newer operating system or buy a new computer if their current one doesn’t meet the requirements.

According to a report from The Verge, Microsoft has increased the frequency of update notices for Windows 11, with notifications appearing more frequently during computer startup or work sessions. Even users who don’t meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11 are receiving these notices.

Disruption Caused by Notifications

These notifications are causing frustration among users, as they interrupt the operation of the operating system. When users start their computers, Microsoft pauses the startup process to encourage them to update to Windows 11. This interruption can disrupt workflow, especially if users are in the middle of important tasks.

Microsoft Harasses Windows 10 Users to Upgrade to Windows 11 (1)

Option to Decline Windows 11 Upgrade Offer

Users do have the option to decline the upgrade offer, but it’s not easy to find. Microsoft has hidden the decline button at the bottom of the screen with small font and color that blends into the background. Users must accept or decline the update before Windows will fully start up.

  • Users have reported difficulty in finding the decline button.
  • System startup is affected until the update offer is accepted or declined.

Persistent Promotion of Windows 11

Microsoft isn’t backing down on its promotion of Windows 11. Full-screen ads continue to appear after computer startup, regardless of whether the computer meets the minimum requirements for Windows 11. This persistent promotion can disrupt work or gaming sessions, frustrating users.

Microsoft Harasses Windows 10 Users to Upgrade to Windows 11 (2)

One of the main issues with Microsoft’s campaign is its lack of consideration for users whose PCs aren’t compatible with Windows 11. The company continues to display full-screen ads to these users without providing an option to prevent the notices from appearing again.

Timeline of Full-screen Ad Appearance and User Criticisms

Full-screen ads promoting Windows 11 began appearing in February. Microsoft takes advantage of optional Windows 10 updates to include notifications that activate during reboot. Some users have criticized the lack of options to disable these ads, with reports of ads requiring multiple steps to skip.

Criticism of Windows 11’s System Requirements

Many users have criticized Windows 11’s strict system requirements, especially in light of the end of support for Windows 10. Some argue that the transition wouldn’t be so problematic if Windows 11’s system requirements weren’t so stringent.

I just got this FULL SCREEN popup while in the middle of working. Nah
byu/Woopinah9 inwindows

In conclusion, Microsoft’s aggressive campaign to promote Windows 11 has caused frustration among Windows 10 users. The company’s lack of tact and consideration for users with incompatible PCs has only added to the dissatisfaction. Users continue to voice their criticisms, highlighting the challenges posed by the transition to Windows 11.

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