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Microsoft: Windows 11 Will Use Android Smartphone As A Webcam

Microsoft has announced in a blog post that owners of Android smartphones will be able to use them wirelessly as a webcam in Windows 11 in the future. The function will be implemented via a Microsoft app; third-party apps will no longer be necessary.

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The feature is being tested as part of a new Windows Insider Update before it is expected to be widely distributed. According to Microsoft, distribution will occur in waves. To connect to the Android device, Microsoft’s Smartphone-Link app is required, which must have at least version number 1.24012 – so it won’t work without an additional app.

The Android device must run at least Android 9, which shouldn’t be a big hurdle. According to Microsoft, users can switch between the front and rear cameras. It should also be possible to pause the video stream. The advantage of the solution is that fairly modern smartphones have better video quality than many webcams.

Windows 11 Will Use Android Smartphone As A Webcam

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Users Should Also Be Able To Use Effects

Users should also be able to use effects “provided by your mobile device”. What exactly Microsoft means by this is unclear. If the signal from the Android smartphone (or Android tablet) is treated like a conventional webcam feed by Windows 11, the filters and effects of programs like Teams should be able to be used with it.

With the new function, Microsoft is following Apple, which offers the option of using iPhones as webcams for its Mac computers. Under Windows, this previously required third-party apps, such as Droidcam. However, these require setup and are not simply plug and play, as will likely be the case with Microsoft’s solution.

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