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WoW: Offers Exclusive Mount and Cosmetics in Real Money Shop

A mount and two cosmetic sets that were previously obtainable through the Trading Post in World of Warcraft are now being offered for purchase in the Blizzard real money shop. This expansion of the real money shop’s inventory has garnered varied reactions from fans.

The items now available for purchase include the ground mount Ash’adar, Herald of Dawn, as well as two sets of Dreadlord Regalia, which were once accessible through the World of Warcraft Trading Post. These items are offered for a limited time.

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Dreadlord Regalia and Ash’adar Now Available in WoW Real Money Shop

Ash’adar, Herald of the Dawn was initially obtainable using trade currency at the Trading Post. However, for those who missed out on acquiring it during its initial availability, it can now be purchased for $25 in the real money shop until March 31, 2024. Blizzard is also promoting a visually complementary transmog set, Burden of Relentless Righteousness, which players can unlock via the trading post throughout March 2024.

Herald in the Heavens Astride Ash'Adar, Harbinger of the Dawn

Furthermore, both color variants of the Dread Lord’s regalia sets are now available for purchase in the real money shop at a price of $20 each. These sets include various pieces such as:

  • Dreadlord’s Poison Dispel Set
    • Dreadlord’s Poisonbane Helm
    • Dreadlord’s Poisonbane Shoulderpads
    • Dreadlord’s Poison-Dispelling Tunic
    • Dreadlord’s Poisonbane Sash
    • Dreadlord’s Poisonbane Breeches
    • Dreadlord’s Poisonbane Wristbands
    • Dreadlord’s Poisonbane Handguards
    • Dreadlord’s Venombane Wings
  • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Set
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Helm
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Shoulderpads
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Tunic
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Sash
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Breeches
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Wristbands
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Handguards
    • Dreadlord’s Shadowbane Wings

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With these offers, players can only obtain the mount and transmog sets in retail WoW, not in WoW Classic. As for our thoughts on these deals and whether the items are worth the money, it varies. Some may find the opportunity to purchase previously free items appealing, while others may be disappointed by the monetization of these items. Overall, fan reactions seem moderate, with many not particularly bothered by the offer since the items were previously available for free.

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