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Xbox Game Pass: Diablo IV is coming to the service in March 2024! 

The year 2023 was ultimately very decisive for Microsoft’s gaming division. Indeed, after two long years marked by intense negotiations, the company completed its planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. A major buyout that could send the Xbox ecosystem into a new dimension.

Moreover, Microsoft has just announced the trend in this direction, notably by confirming the arrival of a title from the studio on Xbox Game Pass. This is precisely Diablo IV, the latest episode of the action-RPG game franchise released on June 5, 2023.

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Diablo IV will be the first Activision Blizzard title to appear on Game Pass

A few months after formalizing its acquisition, Microsoft is already announcing the color for its new collaboration with Activision Blizzard . Indeed, during the Xbox business update event on February 15 , the American giant revealed that Diablo IV will be the first Activision game to debut on Xbox Game Pass .

Diablo IV

Announced for March 28 , this launch should allow subscribers of this subscription service to benefit from this major or opus of the year 2023. However, it should be clarified that this is only the first stage of the program. “ There will be even more to play as we begin to fulfill our commitment to offer Activision and Blizzard games with Game Pass ,” the company revealed in particular in this sense.

It remains to be seen which titles will follow in the footsteps of Diablo IV in the coming months. Remember that Activision Blizzard owns other equally popular franchises such as Call of Duty , Overwatch , Crash Bandicoot and World of Warcraft . Properties that will certainly make the gaming experience even more exciting for users of the service.

The Xbox Game Pass service currently has 34 million subscribers

In addition to announcing the arrival of Diablo IV, Microsoft also took stock of the latest performance recorded by Xbox Game Pass. On this occasion, the company notably revealed that its subscription service has around 34 million subscribers at the moment.

In reality, this reflects a significant slow down the growth of the platform, which has only welcomed 9 million new users over the last two years . However, this trend could change very soon, especially with the involvement of Activision Blizzard and its flagship games. In other words, the next few months look promising for all subscribers of this service.


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