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WoW: Once Tough, Now a Child’s Play – Grab These 5 Mounts

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For those who enjoy collecting mounts in WoW, it’s important to keep an eye not only on the current expansion of the MMORPG but also delve into the past. And by that, we don’t mean the frustrating hunt of weekly runs to finally get Invincible from WotLK. We’re talking about a much newer expansion: Shadowlands. As the folks at Icy Veins have noticed, the enemies in Torghast don’t scale to level 70, making them helpless little critters compared to your well-equipped endgame characters from Dragonflight. Consequently, you can secure five mounts that were previously only obtainable under difficult conditions and as part of challenging achievements.

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How do you get from Dragonflight to Torghast? Travel with the portal room of your faction (such as Orgrimmar or Stormwind) to Oribos. Go to the second floor via the teleport pads in the middle. Then jump into the gaping hole on the 2nd floor, which will land you in the Maw. Behind the NPC Ve’nari is the entrance to Torghast.

If it’s your first time there, you’ll need to complete the Maw intro first – but there’s a skip available from NPC Darion Mograine in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

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WoW: 5 Mounts from Torghast are Now Very Easy to Obtain

Corridor Creeper

WoW Mounts corridor creeper

The almost iconic Maw mount was particularly special during Shadowlands because initially, it was the only way to explore the Maw. Now it shines with the Animated Armor Bear design. All you have to do is complete Layer 8 of the Twisting Corridors.

Sturdy Silver Mawrat Harness

WoW Mounts sturdy silver mawrat harness

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The large Maw rat with silver armor and blue eyes drops with a lot of luck from bosses on Layer 13 or higher in Torghast. Be patient here – according to WoWHead, the drop rates are at best 1 percent, usually even lower.

Sturdy Soulsteel Mawrat Harness

WoW Mounts Sturdy Soulsteel Mawrat Harness

You can obtain this variant with fiery red eyes by completing the achievement “Gauntlet of the Chained: Layer 4”. So simply master Layer 4 of the Gauntlet in Torghast.

Sturdy Gilded Mawrat Harness

WoW Mounts Sturdy Gilded Mawrat Harness

Another reskin of the monstrous rat, with golden armor and eyes. Fortunately, you get this cool design guaranteed when you achieve “Flawless Master: Layer 16”, so every 16th level wing flawlessly.

Reins of the Mawsworn Charger

WoW Mounts Reins of the Mawsworn Charger

The imposing warhorse is available for the achievement “Flawless Master: Layer 12”. So you can get it even easier than the aforementioned Mawrat.

In addition to these mounts, you’ll also snag exclusive armor skins via Torghast, which you can purchase during Torghast runs for the currency there. Special toys await you as well – such as Mastered Hearthstone, the transformation toy Helm of Mastery, as well as pets like Lightless Tormentor, and the two titles Tower Climber and Gauntlet Runner.

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