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Starfield Could Also Appear on PlayStation

Is the era of Xbox exclusive titles ending before it even began? According to several media reports, Microsoft is internally considering a shift in its strategy – which could benefit PlayStation owners. Starfield is said to be released for PS5 next year, challenging the Xbox and PC exclusivity of the upcoming Indiana Jones game.

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Xbox Era claims to have sources that should remain anonymous. The space role-playing game from the makers of Fallout and Skyrim was released in August of last year – but only for Xbox and PC (and Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, GeForce Now).

According to sources from The Verge, Bethesda is also considering releasing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle for PlayStation 5 – at least with a comparatively short wait time. Bethesda mentioned this at an FTC hearing in the summer of 2023.

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New Strategy for Xbox Games

The US antitrust authority FTC had tried to prevent the acquisition. The purchase could give Microsoft “the ability to withhold Activision content” or to “deteriorate the gaming experience” in competitive offerings, the authority said.

To dispel such concerns, Microsoft made partial contractual assurances. New parts of the Call of Duty series will appear on Sony’s PlayStation consoles indefinitely.

Rumors of an end to Xbox exclusivity for a series of titles have been around for a while. Through datamining, Reddit users found hints, for example, that Hi-Fi Rush could appear on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

Hi-Fi Rush Anniversary Update Has PS5/Switch Exclusive T-Shirt Textures in Game Files
byu/smolgote inGamingLeaksAndRumours

According to The Verge, there could be a general departure from exclusive titles within Microsoft, but the strategy is not yet fully decided. In November 2023, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart said they wanted to bring first-party titles and Game Pass “to every screen capable of playing games” – including PlayStation and Nintendo platforms, which they had “previously considered competitors.”

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