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WoW Bold Move: A Limitation on Access to New Follower Dungeons Raises Eyebrows

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The highly anticipated Patch 10.2.5 for World of Warcraft (WoW) brings forth a groundbreaking feature – Follower Dungeons. However, even before these dungeons make their grand entrance on live servers, developers have communicated a crucial limitation that has left players pondering.

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When Blizzard first announced and introduced Follower Dungeons on the test server, skepticism lingered among players. Yet, as time progressed, the community’s sentiments shifted overwhelmingly positive. These new dungeons provide novices, returning players, and less seasoned individuals with the opportunity to dip their toes into the realm of dungeons. It allows them to do so without succumbing to the pressure of fellow players.

Players can leisurely immerse themselves not only in the dungeon stories but also experiment with rotations, gameplay styles, and talent distributions. This occurs in practical scenarios where they can refine their skills. Since those uninterested in diving into the complexities of higher difficulty levels have no obligation, this feature is confined to normal difficulty.

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However, as developers disclosed on the official forum, a strict limitation looms large with the dungeons set to go live next Wednesday.

WoW A Limitation on Access to New Follower Dungeons (1)

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Access Restriction for Follower Dungeons

Contrary to expectations tied to item levels or specific prerequisites, the limitation pertains to the frequency with which players can engage with this feature. Blizzard’s official statement sheds light on this restriction:

“As the Follower Dungeons are introduced next week with the content update ‘Seed of Renewal,’ we have taken some precautions for the initial release of the feature to ensure a smooth experience for all players. The initial limit is that a maximum of 10 Follower Dungeons can be initiated per day per account.”

“Please note that a Follower Dungeon, playable only at the ‘Normal’ difficulty level, is considered ‘initiated’ once the instance is created. Regular non-Follower Dungeons with other players are not affected by this limit.”

“We will actively monitor the impacts of this feature once it is introduced in all regions and consider adjustments to the limit in the future. We appreciate your understanding.”

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The term “impacts” here likely refers less to technical concerns like server load and more to the prevention of exploits or botting in these dungeons. In these secluded spaces, players are unseen and free from prying eyes, making it an enticing environment for potential misuse.

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This move serves as a preventive measure against a recurring issue in World of Warcraft’s history, where bots exploit dungeons repeatedly to amass gold, either through direct loot or special items found in the spoils of defeated enemies. With a cap of ten visits per day per account, most players should find themselves adequately accommodated. However, for those looking to solo-level through this feature, the limitations might pose a quick obstacle to their ambitions.

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