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WoW Patch 10.2.5: The New Trailer Dungeons In The Official Preview

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In the countdown to the eagerly anticipated release of “Saat der Erneuerung” – the latest patch for WoW: Dragonflight – Blizzard developers shed light on the innovative addition of Follower Dungeons. Whether you’re seeking to venture into an instance for the first time or wish to unravel mechanics with a friend, this feature is tailor-made for you!

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Unlocking the Dungeon Experience: Saat der Erneuerung Unveils Follower-Dungeons

A week before the much-anticipated Saat der Erneuerung hits, the Blizzard team, via the official WoW website, has delved into the nuances of the novel Follower-Dungeon feature. This addition caters to players eager to experience an instance solo or with companions, aided by NPC group members. Dive into these dungeons to procure equipment specific to your specialization, akin to any other dungeon on the normal difficulty setting.

A Peek into the Follower Dungeons: Saat der Erneuerung

In Saat der Erneuerung, characters at level 60 to 70 can explore Dragonflight dungeons solo or with friends on the normal difficulty setting. During these adventures, they receive support from NPC group members. These dungeons provide gear tailored to your specialization, much like any other dungeon on normal difficulty. Whether it’s your maiden voyage into the dungeon realm or a friendly foray to grasp boss mechanics, participating is effortless. You can do so via the Dungeon Browser (I).

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The Roster of Available Dungeons: Embark on the Adventure


  • Angriff der Nokhud
  • Brackenfellhöhle
  • Hallen der Infusion
  • Akademie von Algeth’ar
  • Neltharus
  • Das Azurblaue Gewölbe
  • Uldaman: Vermächtnis von Tyr

Choose your role as a Healer, Damage Dealer, or Tank, and let your NPC followers fill the gaps to complete your five-member group. These NPC allies provide buffs and even conjure a magical feast if you’re feeling peckish during your dungeon exploration.

WoW Anhaenger Dungeons 2
No worries: You won’t have to expect long waiting times for an invitation to the Follower Dungeons.
Source: Blizzard

Who’s in Charge? Flexibility in Dungeon Leadership

Upon entering the dungeon, make a crucial choice: lead the group or hand over the reins to a fellow player character or NPC member. To relinquish control, just activate “Dungeon Support.” Be it leading or supporting, your followers adjust to your pace, facilitating exploration and role acclimatization. This adaptive feature ensures a seamless dungeon experience.

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Reclaiming leadership is a breeze – simply deactivate Dungeon Support by clicking on the updated area in the middle of the screen. Follower Dungeons provide a laid-back and easy method to refine your skills in Dragonflight dungeons. Equip yourself and leisurely explore dungeons with the support of NPC companions. All this, alongside a friend or two.

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