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Best Vlogging and Selfie Tips with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

One of the design advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is the presence of a large external screen or Cover Screen. This external screen is quite useful, especially when using the Fold5 with one hand.

But there’s one particularly useful function of the Cover Screen – recording videos and taking selfies with the main camera for better results.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Dual Preview Feature

By using the Dual Preview feature on the Cover Screen of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, you can easily capture the best selfies.

  1. Open the camera menu and tap the Cover Screen Preview icon to display it on the cover screen camera.
  2. To adjust the camera settings on the Cover Screen, simply drag or slide the lock icon on the cover screen sideways to unlock Lock Mode. Now, take your best shot.

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In addition to operating the main camera, this step can also be applied to using the camera in applications like Instagram, TikTok, and others. After unlocking Lock Mode, run the desired application, such as Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, to create content.

So, this feature is incredibly useful when you’re creating content alone and without the help of a tripod. With this feature, you can quickly change lens settings, camera mode settings, and switch to video mode.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Selfies and Videos Tips

For producing good selfies and selfie videos on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, here are some tips and tricks from TheTechBasic.

  1. Don’t worry if you forget to switch to Portrait mode. You can apply bokeh effects from Portrait mode in the Gallery app. To do this, go to the Gallery app, then select the option at the bottom right and choose the Add Portrait Effect menu.
  2. Use the ultra-wide camera if you want to take photos or videos up close or in group shots. But make sure the lighting conditions are adequate, considering the Fold5’s ultra-wide camera is not as bright as its main camera (1x zoom).
  3. For the best results in uploading TikTok, IG Reels, or YouTube Shorts videos, record the video with the camera app first and then upload it to the desired app. The result will be better compared to recording directly from the app.
  1. Use Pro Video mode if you want to adjust the microphone while recording video. Choose the microphone you want to use for recording. In addition to a USB-C external microphone, you can also use Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for clearer audio recording.
  2. You can place the Fold5 on a table with a slight bend. Then use gestures to capture for sharper photos because the camera is in a stable position.

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