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Mafia: Definitive Edition – A Thrilling GTA Rival for $7.49 on Steam: Don’t Miss Out!

Rockstar Games is set to release the first trailer for the upcoming GTA 6 in a few weeks. But for those looking to pass the time until then, Steam currently offers a fantastic alternative in Mafia: Definitive Edition for a mere €9.99.

Mafia: Definitive Edition in the Steam Sale

After over 10 years, the time has finally come. Rockstar Games plans to unveil the first trailer for the next GTA game in just a few weeks, sparking immense anticipation among fans.

In anticipation, many GTA players might replay GTA 5. Yet, for those who know Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s gangster tale inside out, a glance at Steam presents a solid alternative for a small price.

Until November 20th, you can grab Mafia: Definitive Edition for $7.49, a significant 75% off from its regular price of $29.99.

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I highly recommend this remake – even if you haven’t played the original. I was in the same boat and completed the Definitive Edition over the weekend because it was so captivating.

Steam Sale: The Original Mafia is Also on Offer

For those preferring to revisit the 2002 original, it’s also available at a particularly low price on Steam. The original version is currently offered for $3.95, down from its usual $11.99. This discount is also available until November 20, 2023.

Worth noting: Due to licensing issues, some songs have been removed from the original version. However, the original includes certain gameplay elements absent in the remake. In the original version, after nearly every main mission, you receive an optional side quest unlocking, among other things, rare vehicles.

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