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Practical For Steam Players: With This Tool You Can Prevent Annoying Bad Purchases

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For numerous PC gamers, the norm involves glimpsing their beloved games spread across various launchers. Gradually, an increasing array of gaming subscriptions is joining the domestic libraries. Should you frequent Game Pass, EA Play, and the likes, while also indulging in occasional Steam game grabs, a particular extension stands poised to become your indispensable ally.

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Discovering My PC Game Inventory

Freebies on Epic, rotating games within Game Pass, and the enticing Steam Sale bargains create a vast array of PC gaming options. Amidst these choices, it’s easy to lose track of owned games.

Consider making regular Steam Store purchases if you subscribe to gaming services like Xbox Game Pass or EA Play. In this scenario, exploring ‘Alike03’s Subscription Info on Steam’ is highly recommended.

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This extension allows you to instantly ascertain if a game is presently available on Xbox Game Pass, EA Play, or Ubisoft+. Furthermore, it provides specifics on the platform availability within XGP.

Unpacking the Steam Extension

The creator has built a comprehensive database covering gaming libraries from these subscriptions. The browser extension aligns this database for accuracy. Through Steam, you’ll not only discern which games are presently part of Game Pass, but also those set to join soon. However, the extension, as per gaming platform PureXbox, isn’t as reliable when games exit a subscription (Source: PureXbox).

Crucial to note: Given its nature as a browser extension, its functionality is contingent upon accessing the Steam Store via a browser.

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Where to Access the Add-On?

Presently, the Steam extension is available for download on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

This subscription service garners a notable rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Chrome Web Store. Moreover, the creator guarantees that your data won’t be gathered or utilized for other purposes. Explicitly, third-party sharing is also disallowed.

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In case the interface of this extension doesn’t align with your preferences, alternative promising providers populate the market. For instance, you’ll find “Available on Game Pass” by Lukekix on X (formerly Twitter):

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