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WoW: Race to World First Amirdrassil – Top Guilds Planned Events

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With the announcement of WoW Patch 10.2 for WoW: Dragonflight, preparations for Race-to-World-First events began for the top guilds. Let’s take a look at what Liquid, Echo, and Method have organized this year and where you can watch the events live on stream.

Preparations for the final Race to World First in WoW: Dragonflight are complete. Some top guilds are already at the event locations, where they will broadcast the Race to World for the first spot in the Mythic mode of Amirdrassil live. We’ll delve into the events and streams of top guilds aiming to defeat Fyrakk first in Mythic mode.

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The race kicks off on November 14 (for US players) or November 15 (on EU servers). Just like in Aberrus, all difficulty levels are available from the start of Season 3, and the Revitalization Catalyst for forging a set piece is active in Week 1, which could be a significant factor.

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Race to World First Amirdrassil – Top Guild Events

Liquid: Liquid managed to outpace its main competitor, Echo, in Aberrus and secured another World First title in Sanctum of Domination in Shadowlands. As of writing, Liquid has revealed surprisingly little about their event plans. This could be because the specially designed location for the team (Alienware Training Facility) remains unchanged. The event will be cast by Eiya, Meeix, Kalamazi, Kamas, Jak, and Jet. You can watch the event on, but most viewers will likely tune in to Raid Leader Max’s Twitch channel.

Echo: Echo sets the stage for the race in Amirdrassil with a spectacular trailer. After claiming 1st place in the Sanctum of Incarnations and 2nd place in Aberrus, Echo has the opportunity to crown itself as the best raid guild in WoW: Dragonflight in Amirdrassil. Nine Echo players are on-site in Växjö, Sweden, accompanied by seven moderators. You can follow the event live on Echo’s Twitch channel and the individual Twitch channels of Echo players. You can already watch a livestream from the location on Echo’s Twitch channel. In an interview with, Echo players discuss their preparation and ambitions in Amirdrassil.

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Method: After a restructuring in Shadowlands, Method has reestablished itself as a significant player in the Race to World First. While they couldn’t match Echo and Liquid in the last two raids, they secured the 3rd place recently. Method has settled in the 1337 Camp in Germany with 10 players on-site: Sjele, Bangerz, Lorgokz, Fragnance, Nezro, Kwepp, Wildi, Cruella, Speed, Danwarr, and Cayna. The casters for the event are Darkmech, Roiben, KillerPigeon, Kexman, Deepshades, Shejkin, RageDarling, Sco, Purke, and an unannounced moderator.

Unfortunately, the German representative Aversion dissolved after the first raid tier of Dragonflight. Besides the listed top guilds, keep an eye on BDG (Big Dumb Guild) and FatSharkYes, although they do not organize live events. The Chinese guilds 天涯 (Skyline), 佶天鸿 (Jitianhong), and 火锅超界 (Huo Guo Chao Jie) held live events in the past. Their organization after WoW’s shutdown in China is currently unknown. Who do you think will win the race in Amirdrassil? Do let us know on our social media platforms 🙂




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