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WoW: Was It a Smart Move to Drop Three Expansions Bombshell?

So, picture this: Chris “Green Jesus” Metzen takes the BlizzCon stage last weekend and, boom, not one, but three WoW expansions in one go. Talk about a mic-drop moment! The hype was real, but amidst all the excitement for the next big thing, I found myself asking, “Why?” Why spill the beans on three expansions straight up?

Where did the idea come from to spill the details on the next two addons too? It got me thinking about the pros and cons – was it really a savvy move to announce multiple addons in one fell swoop?

WoW: The Buzzkill Dilemma

Sure, Chris Metzen might be the hype maestro at the next BlizzCon, but guess what? We already know the next WoW addon and the one after that. Source: Blizzard (Youtube). Now, I’m not saying there’s no point in checking out the BlizzCon in the next few years because, hey, we’ve got the lowdown on WoW expansions already (some folks on Reddit and elsewhere seem to think so). But let’s be real – the hype at the upcoming BlizzCon won’t be the same, and that’s thanks to dropping the bombshell of three expansions at once.

Source: Blizzcon

It’s a buzzkill, but hey, we’re still in the dark about the nitty-gritty details of the upcoming addons, the cool features waiting for us, and, of course, the entire lore hasn’t been completely laid bare. Still, at the next BlizzCon or the one after that, don’t expect people to lose their minds when Metzen, or whoever, announces the next expansion, WoW (grab it now): Midnight. We’ve known that tidbit for at least a solid twelve months. The rough storyline of Midnight and the follow-up WoW: The Last Titan is no secret either. The “Aaahs” and “Ohhhs” will be in short supply from now on.

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No Safety Net?

Three reveals, three WoW expansions. A filler addon – the safety net between expansions – is off the table for WoW in the coming years. Source: Blizzard. Now that the next three expansions are set in stone, the developers need to deliver on these addons with the exact themes they’ve teased. Straying from the plan would shine an unfavorable light on the organizational skills of the WoW team. Remember those times it felt like the team fell back on so-called “filler expansions”? Expansions that didn’t quite mesh with the previous storyline, seemingly didn’t move WoW forward, but were more like placeholders until they could get back on the “right” track with enough planning time.

In the community’s eyes, WoD, and to some extent, Shadowlands and BfA, wore the filler addon label. After WoD, we got Legion, hailed as one of the better WoW addons. Having more time after scrapping WoD features was probably a key factor in Legion’s success. The World Soul bits and pieces can’t afford to make those same mistakes, or else the devs’ lack of foresight would be even more apparent than it was back in WoD.

The World Soul Saga seems well thought out and makes sense thematically. However, we’ve known for ages that the developers have had multiple expansions in the works for years. When one addon is nearing completion, they’re already knee-deep in the next, sometimes even the one after that – wouldn’t it be weird if they weren’t? Considering this approach, the announcement of the World Soul trilogy doesn’t seem as daring anymore since they’re always planning at least two addons ahead. In my books, a filler expansion won’t be one of the three addons – at least, they can’t afford to let it be.

WoW: A Treat for Lore Buffs

We’re not a hundred percent clued in on Iridikron’s plans with Xalatath, unlike other expansions, thanks to the preplanning of multiple addons with clearly defined main stories – and that’s a good thing. Source: Blizzard.

Source: Blizzard

Even though the hype for addon announcements in the next few years might as well be nonexistent, the expansion spoilers have some silver linings for lore fans. As long as the WoW team sticks to the addon trilogy, many stories and speculations can unfold, and the intentions of the main characters can be better understood. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing in recent times cough Jailer cough. While we won’t see the end of the Iridikron story or any interference from Xalatath in Dragonflight, we do know that they’ll be seamlessly woven into the lore in the upcoming expansions.

So, there you have it – the announcement of the World Soul Saga has its ups and downs. It still seems a bit odd to me that we already know the next three addons. Truth be told, my excitement for the upcoming BlizzCons is a tad bit dulled.

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