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WoW The War Within: All Race and Class Combinations of the New Expansion

The War Within is the 10th expansion for World of Warcraft, set to be released next year. The story of WoW: The War Within marks the beginning of a trilogy that will provide us with many exciting tales leading up to the year 2030. In the upcoming WoW expansion, we will journey to the mysterious continent known as Khaz Algar, the homeland of the Earthen who long ago departed the surface of Azeroth and retreated into the depths. For more information on the new allied race in WoW, you can find it in this extensive special feature.

WoW The War Within: All Race-Class Combinations in The Comprehensive Overview

According to Blizzard officials, the Earthen are introduced as a new allied race in WoW: The War Within. Similar to the Pandaren and the Dracthyr, the Earthen will be available for both factions in World of Warcraft. There is already concrete information available regarding the classes that the stone dwarves will be able to choose in the future. It would also be interesting at this point to see the current overall class distribution in WoW. For those looking for a good overview of all race-class combinations, be sure to take a look at ephastus’ graphic on Reddit.

Races x Classes Crosstab (The War Within)
byu/ephastus inwow

According to the image, the Earthen excel in terms of class availability compared to the other races. They can choose almost any class, with the exceptions being Druid, Demon Hunter, and Warlock. This makes the Earthen one of the most versatile races in World of Warcraft! However, the clear winners in the class distribution are the Tauren. The furry nature-loving beings have access to all classes except for Demon Hunter and Warlock.

As for the Dracthyr, things remain the same for now; they have only one class and three specializations. Otherwise, most races are on equal footing. Undead, Nightborne, Gnomes, Void Elves, and Mechagnomes still have only eight classes to choose from. We are curious to see if Blizzard will make any changes to the distribution before the release of WoW: The War Within.

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