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Woman Arrested in Hong Kong for Smuggling 350+ Switch Games

China’s gaming market is known for its complexity, often leading to many games not officially reaching the country. It’s not uncommon for individuals to purchase titles from other regions. However, a recent incident highlighted an extreme case when a woman attempted to enter China carrying over 350 Nintendo Switch cartridges hidden in her bra.

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The incident occurred at Hong Kong’s Heung Yuen Tai airport, where the woman was apprehended for smuggling 530 Nintendo Switch cartridges into China to evade taxes. The exact games involved have not been specified yet. The total value of the cartridges exceeded ¥70,000 yuan, approximately $9,660 USD, suggesting a significant amount of potentially illicit software.

Customs Inspection and Legal Implications

Customs officials became suspicious of the woman’s behavior and noticed she did not appear innocent. One official also found her breasts looked unusual. They decided to remove her from the line for a closer inspection.

Woman Arrested for in Hong Kong Smuggling 350+ Switch Games (1)

It remains unclear whether the woman intended to use the games personally or sell them. Given the large quantity, it’s likely her goal was resale, possibly after acquiring them in Japan.

Chinese customs officials referred to Article 7 of the Regulations on the Implementation of Customs Administrative Punishments of the People’s Republic of China. This article states that individuals are prohibited from evading customs supervision by hiding, disguising, concealing declarations, making false declarations, or using other methods to transport, carry, or mail goods that are prohibited or restricted from entering or leaving the country.

In many countries, including China, failing to pay import duties on goods constitutes smuggling, which is illegal. The woman could face fines up to three times the evaded duties. The outcome of the case is pending, with further developments awaited.

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