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Nintendo Switch 2: The Three Big New Features Are Leaked

The Nintendo Switch 2 takes the spotlight once more, with key details about its design and the potential announcement date surfacing. Accessory manufacturers have been pivotal in divulging intriguing information about the console, and Vandal has diligently extracted these details. Now, amid numerous leaks hinting at its unveiling, we can delve into the foremost relevant particulars.

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As per the cited source, accessory manufacturers have had the opportunity to interact with the console firsthand for several minutes. This has granted them access to significant news, albeit not the purely aesthetic and visual aspects of the Nintendo Switch 2. This approach prevents leaks of details such as screen bezels or the color schemes employed in the final prototypes.

Indeed, all signs point to the version they’ve interacted with being very close to the definitive one. However, it’s crucial not to associate this with an imminent launch, as the potential release date remains one of the foremost details the manufacturers have refrained from disclosing.

No Nintendo Switch 2 in 2024

Contrary to expectations, the accessory manufacturers have disclosed that despite the console being nearly ready, it won’t hit the shelves until early 2025. This delay isn’t due to Nintendo needing more time to finalize it; rather, it’s related to catalog considerations.

The company appears to be contemplating expanding its game catalog for the upcoming year. Hence, the Switch 2’s release would coincide with a more extensive repertoire of games. While compatibility with existing titles is anticipated, Nintendo seeks to offer more than just that.

Bigger Design

Nintendo Switch 2 The Three Big New Features Are Leaked (1)

Returning to the design aspect, reports suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be larger. While specifics are scarce, it’s purported to surpass the dimensions of the original Switch, albeit not reaching the size of the Steam Deck. The reasons behind this enlargement remain undisclosed, whether it be a larger screen, sturdier build, or larger Joy-Con.

Magnetic Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch 2 may have magnetic joy con

A noteworthy revelation pertains to the Joy-Con, which are said to be magnetic in the Nintendo Switch 2. This means they’ll utilize magnets for attachment rather than the rails featured in previous console iterations. This introduces two significant changes: easier attachment and detachment of the controllers, and incompatibility with older consoles. While usability improves, older Joy-Con won’t be compatible with the new system in terms of attachment, although wireless connectivity may bridge the gap between generations.

This influx of information breathes new life into Nintendo fans eagerly awaiting a refresh, shedding light on details that were previously shrouded in mystery.

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