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Nintendo Switch 2 Could Launch with 10 Million Units and Feature an 8″ LCD Screen

Amidst the flurry of rumors surrounding the successor to the Nintendo Switch, fresh speculation suggests that the Japanese company is gearing up to produce a whopping 10 million units for the initial batch of the console. This tidbit comes courtesy of Bloomberg, citing data from Omdia, which previously asserted that the device would debut later this year, sporting an 8-inch LCD screen.

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The strategy aims to preempt the frenzied rush of consumers clamoring for the new device, thereby circumventing the common pitfalls of stock shortages that often plague new console releases — reminiscent of the PlayStation 5 launch debacle.

Price and Display Considerations

Priced at an estimated $400, industry analysts suggest that the decision to opt for an LCD screen may be part of an effort to keep costs down initially, with the possibility of an OLED version launching later, much like its predecessor, the original Switch.

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The anticipation is that this massive production run will cater to global demand, providing 10 million units before the Switch 2 hits store shelves and online retailers.

Unveiling the Mystery

Nintendo Switch 2 Could Launch with 10 Million Units and Feature an 8 inch LCD Screen (1)

As of yet, details regarding the Switch 2’s design and internal specifications remain unconfirmed, and there’s a dearth of information regarding the games slated for release on the device.

By prepping such a substantial initial batch, Nintendo appears poised to make a splash in the gaming market once again, building on the success of its predecessor while also addressing potential supply chain challenges. With its loyal fanbase eagerly awaiting further announcements, the stage is set for another Nintendo sensation.

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