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Interpol Scores Major Blow Against Online Fraud

The forces have not only arrested thousands of suspects around the world, but have also seized assets worth $257 million. Law enforcement officials cracked down on online fraud networks in 61 countries as part of a global police operation called Operation First Light 2024, arresting 3,950 suspects. According to an Interpol statement, a further 14,643 suspects were identified on all continents.

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In addition, the forces managed to freeze 6,745 bank accounts and seize assets worth $257 million. More than half of this, totaling $135 million, consists of confiscated fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros, or yen, according to Interpol.

Another $2 million is in the form of cryptocurrencies. There are also other assets such as real estate, luxury vehicles, expensive jewelry, and other high-value items and collections, with a total value of $120 million.

Global Actions Against Fraud

Interpol highlights specific police operations conducted in certain regions as part of Operation First Light 2024. For instance, they dismantled an international fraud network in Namibia’s capital. During this operation, forces rescued 88 local youths who were coerced into committing fraud. They also seized 163 computers and 350 mobile phones.

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Furthermore, the Interpol report includes smaller cases, like that of a 70-year-old individual saved by authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong from a support scam. The person almost lost savings amounting to $281,000.

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A Significant Blow Against Criminal Actors

“The results of this global police operation are more than just numbers – they represent lives protected, crime prevented, and a healthier global economy,”


Said Dr. Isaac Kehinde Oginni, Director of the Interpol Financial Crime and Anti-Corruption Centre (IFCACC), reflecting on the latest investigative successes.

This dealt “a significant blow” to transnational organized crime groups.

According to Interpol, Operation First Light 2024 began in 2023 with the objective of combating phishing, investment fraud, fraudulent online shops, and love and identity fraud worldwide. The project receives funding from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, with involvement from regional police authorities such as Europol. Interpol itself handles coordination.

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