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WoW: TWW Major Crafting Innovation Now Testable in Beta

Blizzard Entertainment has now shifted its focus to crafting in the beta of WoW: The War Within. Following the extensive modernization of WoW’s crafting system in Dragonflight, the upcoming changes in WoW: The War Within are minor but targeted at improving specific aspects of the existing system.

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These changes include anticipated additions such as many new recipes obtainable from teachers, as rare drops in raids, or through talents. The talent systems have been reset, requiring players to start anew to advance their specializations and unlock fresh talents and recipes. There are numerous unexplored talent trees and specializations to discover.

Furthermore, smaller yet significant adjustments are now open for testing in the WoW: The War Within beta.

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Crafting Quests for All in WoW: The War Within!

WoW; TWW Major Crafting Innovation Now Testable in Beta (1)

The crafting orders introduced in Dragonflight were promising but flawed in execution. There were too few players requesting items and too many craftsmen eager to earn gold, creating an imbalance, especially with quests requiring completion of crafting orders.

To rectify this, Blizzard Entertainment reduced the number of mandatory crafting orders and imposed limits on how many one could complete independently. This adjustment aimed to prevent a monopoly by fewer craftsmen, ensuring a fairer distribution.

In WoW: The War Within, a new type of crafting order emerges: NPC Work Orders. These operate similarly to regular orders where you craft items and receive modest payment. However, instead of players, prominent NPCs like Millhaus Manastorm or Auralia Steelstrike will commission these orders.

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