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Frostpunk 2 Delays Release to September for a “Bigger and Better” Game

One of the most anticipated games of July has been delayed until September. Frostpunk 2 will now be available on September 20th instead of July 25th as originally planned. Polish developer 11 bit studios decided to postpone the release on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and Game Pass) to improve the mechanics and gameplay experience based on feedback received during the beta.

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Developer Feedback and Analysis

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Design Director Jakub Stokalski and Art Director Lukasz Juszczyk explained in a message to the community that after analyzing the beta feedback, they reached two major conclusions. First, the game was well-received, with an average score of 8 out of 10 from participants. Second, the feedback highlighted the most and least liked parts of the game. After considering these comments, 11 bit studios decided that to do justice to their vision and offer the best possible experience, they needed to extend the development time.

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Community Message and Planned Improvements

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“We know this is not the news you wanted to hear.”

Jakub and Lukasz said.

“However, we believe these additional features are something you deserve to see in-game on day one, not in a patch added after the release. We can only hope you understand that our decision comes from a place of wanting to create the best game possible for you.”

The delayed release will allow Frostpunk 2 to include improvements to gameplay mechanics, UI and user experience, and a new feature called Zoom Stories.

Gameplay improvements aim to make Frostpunk 2 smoother while offering more options for managing your city. Enhancements include changes based on temperature, heat, and proximity, more detailed and flexible management of labor, and a new resource to make city building and expansion more strategic. Zoom Stories is a feature that lets players get closer to their citizens, a tool that has been missed due to Frostpunk 2’s larger scale.

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