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Is This the End for PS VR2? Sony Reduces Production and Plans Only Two New Titles

Since before its launch, player engagement with the PS VR2 has not been strong, causing Sony to reduce manufacturing projections for the device. Now, just over a year after launch, things don’t seem to have improved, and Sony has had to make further cuts in its virtual reality gaming division.

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According to Android Central, only two games are currently being developed by Sony for the PlayStation VR2, with the publisher showing little interest in investing in more games in this area.

The publication reports that there will be “few development opportunities for VR at Sony going forward.”

Sony’s biggest investment in VR development was at the launch of the PlayStation VR2, with Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Since then, the company’s production for the hardware has been limited.

Sony Cuts PS VR2 Production, Plans Only Two New Titles (1)

A PC adapter for the device was recently announced. In addition to the adapter, gamers will also need a DisplayPort cable (sold separately) that supports DisplayPort 1.4, as well as a Steam account and a PC that meets the minimum requirements.

In October, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president and head of global marketing Eric Lempel described VR as a significant business for the company, but one that has not yet reached its potential.

“The VR category is important to us. It is a category that can help us innovate. It will never be the only way people play games, but I’m glad we’re in it. There are great experiences and consumers really like it. But it’s a growing business for us.”

It seems that Sony’s bets on the market ended up being frustrated, and players who invested in the device will not have a wide variety of titles on the platform.

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