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OpenAI Studies The Possibility of ChatGPT Creating Adult Content

OpenAI seems to be planning a new step in improving how ChatGPT responds to requests containing adult content and other intimate topics. The company released a text this Wednesday (08/05) mentioning plans for the AI tool and its integration with NSFW content. Currently, ChatGPT cannot generate texts related to adult content. When asked to create something in that realm, it promptly informs the user it cannot assist with that. However, with potential guideline changes, the chatbot will soon be able to create without restrictions.

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The document released by OpenAI, now under Microsoft, demonstrates the team’s enthusiasm to better understand the expectations of GPT users, surpassing 2 billion people globally. Here’s an excerpt:

“We are exploring whether we can responsibly provide the ability to generate NSFW [Not Safe for Work] content in age-appropriate contexts through the ChatGPT API. We look forward to better understanding user and societal expectations about model behavior in this area”

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We were shown examples of how ChatGPT’s current search functions in relation to genitals, responding only in scientific or medical contexts, never in relation to erotic content. If the new guidelines are approved, the machine could develop texts involving sexual tension between characters or similar creative contexts. However, Joanne Jang, an executive at OpenAI, emphasized that ChatGPT will not support deepfakes.

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Jang explains the delicate balance involved in matters concerning adult content and eroticism, stressing the need for caution. There’s a significant difference between pornography and works incorporating sexuality and nudity in context. Perhaps we’ll see these changes integrated into GPT-5, set to arrive soon.

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