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Helldivers 2: Unexpected Disaster Ruins Sony’s Plans

It’s a win for democracy and the planet Super-Earth! Fans of Helldivers 2 managed to stand up against Sony, the game’s publisher, and assert their wishes. What will happen next with one of the most talked-about games of 2024?

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The gaming world is often filled with arguments, complaints, and excitement. But the recent events surrounding Helldivers 2 have been unlike anything seen before in gaming history. While this online shooting game has been available on PC and PlayStation since February 2024 and has gained immense popularity, an update on May 30th was expected to bring significant changes: Sony, the publisher (the developer being Arrowhead Games), planned to link the Steam version to a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. Many fans were upset; some decided they wouldn’t play anymore because their countries didn’t allow access to PSN. The uproar was massive. And now, it seems, the fans’ efforts are paying off.

Helldivers 2: Sony’s Reversal Amidst Torrent of Criticism

In a mere 24 hours, a deluge of negative reviews poured onto the Steam platform for Helldivers 2. So severe was the backlash that Steam even offered refunds to players who had logged over 70 hours of gameplay. Additionally, discussions regarding class action lawsuits due to alleged misleading advertising began circulating. For many gamers, Sony’s swift actions to potentially dismantle the hype and acclaim surrounding Helldivers 2 seemed unfathomable. The prevailing theory among the community is that Sony’s motivation lies in bolstering shareholder numbers; an influx of thousands of new PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts would undoubtedly make for impressive quarterly reports.

However, the huge volume of complaints has prompted a significant announcement from Sony:

Helldivers 2; Unexpected Disaster Ruins Sony's Plans (1)

Sony’s official Twitter account has acknowledged that they are still in the process of learning how to cater to PC gamers. This announcement has delighted fans, who are now urging their fellow players to revise their negative reviews.

If you’re reading this, go change your negative reviews
byu/ANALHACKER_3000 inHelldivers

PSN Account: Optional in the Future?

Considering the possibility of linking a PSN account in the future, some players propose making it entirely optional. They suggest associating it with in-game rewards such as special skins or in-game currency if the quantity of PSN accounts is deemed crucial. Arrowhead CEO, Johan Pilestedt, likely feels a sense of relief now. While he sympathized with the players, his authority was limited as Sony had the final say.

PSN Requirement was Always Mandatory from the Start

It’s crucial to note that a PSN requirement has always been in place on Steam itself. However, the development studio never implemented this requirement in the game. This discrepancy, wherein the game was sold in countries without PSN despite the Steam label, remains a point of contention for some players. Other publishers should take heed and ensure clear communication and regulation regarding such requirements for distribution in the future.

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