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WoW: Unlocking Earthen in The War Within – But More Complicated Than Expected?

The new expansion of WoW brings in another race you can play. But, how do you get the Earthen in The War Within? Now, it’s clearer when you can start playing as the stone dwarves.

When Blizzard revealed the Earthen Ones for WoW: The War Within, they got a lot of praise. Not just for how cool the stone dwarf design is, but also for how easy it is to unlock them! You won’t need to grind for reputation with any faction. Instead, you’ll just get them through the campaign from the beginning. However, there’s more detailed information now, suggesting that maybe a bit more effort might be required after all.

WoW: Unlock Earthen in The War Within – The Requirements

While the official website for The War Within only discusses the launch campaign and its quests, the alpha for TWW has now uncovered an achievement, indicating that more than just the main story will be necessary (Source: WoWHead):

  • Completion of all main storylines of the “Level campaign,” which accompany us to the new maximum level.
  • Completion of the side quest series Hope, An Anomaly on the island of Dorn.
  • Completion of the Mourning Rise side quest series on the island of Dorn.
  • Completion of the Broken Tools side quest series – location currently unknown.
  • Completion of the Max Level campaign with United We Stand, which also requires the Epilogue and Zone 5 of the expansion.

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Activation of the Earthen later than expected

Unlocking Earthen in WoW's The War Within More Complicated (1)

Considering this information and the timing of remaining campaign quests for maximum level in past expansions, the unlocking of the Earthen seems to be further delayed after the launch of The War Within than previously anticipated. It’s possible that players may not be able to play as the Allied People themselves until a few weeks after the release. Does this bother you? Or are you eager to explore the brand-new expansion in the zones of Khaz Algar with your usual mains first? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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