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WoW: Classic Community Mourns Speedrunner Legend Joana

Recently, the well-known speedrunner Joana, also known as Furious Paul, sadly passed away in the WoW Classic community. Joana’s contribution to the game is remembered and respected by the WoW community.

Before Jokerd and Co. set speed level records in WoW Classic, there was a player who perfected the sprint from level 1 to 60. That player was Joana, also known as Furious Paul. Joana shared his experiences and strategies in his Classic level guides, helping many players reach level 60. In 2006, he showcased his achievement in a YouTube video, demonstrating how he completed levels 1 to 60 in 4 days and 20 hours, setting a new record at the time.

On April 30, 2024, Joana’s sister shared the sad news on TikTok that he had passed away. According to Joana’s friends, he died due to complications from his heart valve disease. Joana had openly discussed his heart problems in a detailed post back in 2020.

Joana’s Sister Hopes to Reach Out to The WoW Community

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Joana’s sister took to TikTok to share the sad news with the WoW community, where Joana had been a significant figure for many years.

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The news had already spread across platforms like Reddit. Players expressed their condolences in the WoW forums and other online communities.

The family learned about Joana’s death the day after it happened. His friend TomCat also informed the WoW community on Twitter, sharing additional details about Joana’s passing.

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Although Joana has passed away, you can still watch his legendary YouTube videos showcasing his speedrun to level 60, along with his other guides for WoW Classic/Vanilla. Rest in peace.

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