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Sonic 3 Needs Improvement Following Knuckles Series Disappointing Performance

The recent Knuckles series received an audience score of only 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. This suggests that there are significant challenges ahead for the highly anticipated next installment, Sonic 3. It’s a warning that the film teams must take seriously to avoid disappointing fans, especially after the success of the first two installments.

The bar set by previous feature films has been exceptionally high. Both Sonic (2020) and its sequel Sonic 2 (2022) garnered immense praise from audiences, boasting impressive audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes: 93% and 96% positive reviews, respectively. These figures soared alongside the enormous commercial successes of the two films, accumulating over $720 million in global revenue. Such success generated widespread enthusiasm, seemingly promising bright prospects for the next Sonic projects.

The Cold Shower from the Knuckles Series

However, all this optimism did not anticipate the mixed reception of Knuckles, the recent spin-off series aired on Paramount+. Despite receiving a somewhat respectable score of 75% from critics, it only managed to convince 75% of the audience according to Rotten Tomatoes data. This outcome represents a rather disappointing result for the franchise, considering its previous ability to attract even more fans than professionals. Notably, there exists a gap of over 20 points with the film scores, a difference that cannot be overlooked by the producers of Sonic 3.

Staying True to the Spirit of Feature Films

Sonic 3 Needs Improvement Following Knuckles Series' Disappointing Performance (1)

For many observers and fans of the blue hedgehog universe, the mixed score of Knuckles could be attributed to a departure from the winning formula of the previous films. By focusing on a single secondary character, the series inevitably had to deviate from the key elements that made Sonic successful in cinema. Regardless, this serves as a warning signal for the third installment. It must absolutely rediscover the balance and spirit of the first two successful films. Producers would be wise to consider fans’ criticisms of Knuckles to adjust their approach, a process not unfamiliar to them, as seen after the release of the initial trailer for the 2020 Sonic film.

A Promising Knuckles Finale

Nevertheless, there remains cause for hope with the series finale. It laid the groundwork for an exciting sequel to Sonic 3. The recent episodes have introduced new issues and threats that will expand the universe of the upcoming film. This promises to reconnect with the epic dimension and ambition that had captivated audiences. To find out more, audiences eagerly await the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in theaters on December 20, 2024.

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