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Free Tip for Strategy Gamers: Fans Revive Age of Empires

For fans who love classic real-time strategy games, 0 AD is essential. This fan project, evolving for over 20 years, captures the true essence of ‘Age of Empires’ while also introducing its own innovations, all available for free.

0 AD – The Free Alternative to Age of Empires

When it comes to gameplay, the fan project 0 AD falls somewhere between the mechanics of Age of Empires part 1 and part 2. Regarding factions, most of them, currently at least, hail from ancient times. Naturally, you begin with a main building and a handful of workers, gathering the four essential resources: food, wood, stone, and metal, to construct new buildings.

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Although your civilization doesn’t progress through eras like in AoE, you must advance through different phases of settlement to unlock additional units, buildings, and technologies. Presently, there are 14 unique races, each boasting distinctive troops and architectural styles.

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Own Game Mechanics

However, 0 AD also presents a few noticeable deviations from AoE. Notably, almost all combat units can simultaneously gather resources and erect buildings. This isn’t historically implausible, considering the scarcity of professional soldiers in ancient and medieval times, contrary to portrayals in movies and video games. Even the formidable Roman legions were known for their proficiency in construction.

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Another distinction lies in territorial boundaries on the map. Numerous structures can only be erected within your own borders, which are expandable. Annexing neutral territory involves establishing a new city center. Occupying enemy lands gradually sways loyalty in your favor, allowing you to seize control of enemy buildings.

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What Exactly is 0 AD and How Can You Play It?

As already mentioned, 0 AD is a free fan project that even follows an open-source model. So, everyone is free to develop and develop the game themselves. You can download the game on the official website. The 26th Alpha has existed since September 24, 2022, which, among other things, introduces the Han Dynasty as a new people.

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