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27” MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor Review

The MSI Optix MAG271R boasts impressive specifications that make it a compelling option for gamers and professionals alike. With its 27-inch VA panel, 165Hz refresh rate, and 1 millisecond response time, this monitor promises smooth and responsive visuals. Additionally, MSI Optix MAG271R features AMD FreeSync technology for tear-free gaming experiences. While some NVIDIA cards may also be compatible, further research is recommended for non-AMD users. Moreover, the inclusion of RGB lighting adds a touch of flair to its design. In this comprehensive review, we explore the design, performance, and overall user experience of the MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor.

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Design and Build Quality of MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor

The design of the MSI Optix MAG271R showcases thoughtful engineering and attention to detail. Featuring a sleek and modern aesthetic, the monitor seamlessly integrates into any workspace or gaming setup. Noteworthy is the inclusion of a joystick for menu navigation, positioned discreetly on the back of the monitor. However, it’s worth mentioning that the joystick’s sensitivity may be a point of contention for some users, as it tends to be overly responsive, making menu navigation a bit challenging.

27” MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor (2)

Attaching the stand to the MSI Optix MAG271R monitor is a straightforward process, thanks to the inbuilt design and clear instructions provided. With just a few simple steps, users can securely mount the monitor on the sturdy stand, ensuring stability and peace of mind during use. The inclusion of mountable extenders further enhances the versatility of the stand, allowing for customization to suit individual preferences.

The MSI Optix MAG271R impresses with its comprehensive accessory package, versatile connectivity options, and sleek design. While minor issues such as joystick sensitivity may be encountered, they do little to detract from the overall excellence of this monitor’s design and build quality.

InBox Accessories

Upon unboxing the MSI Optix MAG271R, you’ll find a comprehensive array of accessories included in the package. Notably, the monitor is accompanied by a sturdy stand, meticulously crafted to ensure stability during use. Consisting of two pieces—the arm and the base—the stand impresses with its heavy-duty build quality. Once assembled, it firmly supports the monitor without any hint of wobbling, promising a reliable setup for your workspace or gaming station.

Ports and Connectivity

27” MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor (4)

Turning our attention to the rear panel of the MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor, we find a well-appointed selection of ports and connectors. Positioned conveniently for accessibility, these ports cater to various connectivity needs. An audio jack allows for seamless integration with external speakers or headphones, enhancing your multimedia experience. Additionally, MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor, features two HDMI ports, a display port, and two USB ports. Notably, one of the USB ports serves the dual purpose of powering the integrated RGB lighting, adding a touch of customizable flair to your setup.


The installation process of the MSI Optix MAG271R is straightforward and hassle-free. Upon unboxing, users will find the stand comprising two pieces—the arm and the base. Assembling the stand is a simple, with the arm easily sliding into the designated slot on the base. Once assembled, the stand impresses with its sturdiness, providing a stable foundation for the monitor. Additionally, attaching the stand to the monitor is a simple task, requiring only a few screws to securely fasten it in place.

Power On

Powering on the MSI Optix MAG271R is a seamless experience. Located discreetly underneath the bottom of the monitor, the power button blends seamlessly with the design. Upon pressing the power button, users are greeted with a smooth and swift startup process. The frameless display, coupled with minimal bezels along the sides, enhances the visual appeal of the MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor, creating an immersive viewing experience from the moment it is powered on.

Menu Navigation

Navigating the menus of the MSI Optix MAG271R is facilitated by a controller joystick located at the back of the monitor. While the joystick allows for easy access to various settings and options, some users may find it overly sensitive, leading to unintentional selections. Despite this minor drawback, the menu interface offers a plethora of customization options, including adjustments for FreeSync, frame rate display, color settings, and image preferences. For added convenience, MSI provides the Gaming OSD software, enabling users to customize settings via an inbuilt app interface.

MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor Features

The MSI Optix MAG271R is equipped with a range of features designed to enhance the user experience. Notable features include FreeSync support for tear free gaming, customizable RGB lighting on the back of the monitor, and a variety of connectivity options, which include two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, two USB ports, USB Type-B port and an audio jack. While the lack of swivel functionality on the stand may be disappointing to some users, the monitor’s overall performance and feature set make it a compelling choice for both gaming and productivity tasks.

MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor Gaming OSD

The MSI Gaming OSD offers users an inbuilt interface for adjusting monitor settings with ease. Mirroring the onboard menu accessible via the joystick control, the Gaming OSD provides additional convenience and functionality. Users can easily customize various parameters such as color settings, response time, and screen reticles directly from their computer, eliminating the need to navigate the monitor’s onboard menu.

Profile Customization

A standout feature of the Gaming OSD is its ability to create and save multiple profiles. With a simple click of a button, users can generate custom profiles designed to specific preferences or gaming scenarios. This functionality enables seamless transitions between different gaming experiences without the need for manual adjustments each time.


The MSI Optix MAG271R boasts impressive performance metrics, including a  1 millisecond response time (MPRT) and a 165Hz refresh rate. While the MPRT technology minimizes motion blur effectively, users transitioning from lower refresh rates may experience a significant improvement in visual fluidity and responsiveness. However, the actual noticeable difference may vary depending on the user’s previous monitor specifications.

Color Calibration

27” MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor (1)

Out-of-the-box color calibration may require fine-tuning to achieve optimal visual fidelity. Users may notice initial differences in color accuracy, particularly when transitioning from higher resolution monitors. Adjustments to color settings within both the operating system and the monitor’s OSD may be necessary to achieve desired results. Despite the initial calibration challenges, meticulous adjustments can yield vibrant and accurate color representation, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Refresh Rate

The MSI Optix MAG271R’s 165Hz refresh rate delivers excellent performance, ideal for gamers seeking enhanced responsiveness. While users accustomed to lower refresh rates may perceive a substantial difference, those migrating from higher refresh rate displays may not notice a significant upgrade. Nevertheless, the increased refresh rate contributes to a visually immersive gaming experience, particularly in fast-paced action sequences and competitive gameplay scenarios.

RGB Lighting of MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor

27” MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor (3)

The MSI Optix MAG271R features customizable RGB lighting on the back, controlled through MSI Mystic Light. Users familiar with MSI products can sync the monitor’s lighting with other compatible devices, offering a cohesive aesthetic to their setup. Despite initial skepticism, the RGB lighting adds a visually appealing touch, especially in dimly lit environments, creating an immersive ambiance around the gaming station.

Monitor Size and Resolution

MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor measures 27 inches, some users may question whether this size is suitable for a 1080p display. While conventional wisdom suggests sticking to smaller sizes for 1080p resolutions, the MSI Optix MAG271R ‘s VA panel delivers clear visuals and smooth performance, mitigating concerns about pixel density. The combination of a high refresh rate and VA panel technology ensures an enjoyable viewing experience, making the 27-inch size ideal for gaming and multimedia consumption.

Technical Specifications of 27” MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor

Feature Specification
Screen Size 27 Inches
Display Area 597.6mm x 336.15mm (Horizontal x Verticla)
Panel Type VA (Vertical Alignment)
Resolution (FHD) 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 300 nits
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 100000000:1
Signal Frequency 30 – 160KHz (Horizontal)
Refresh Rate 48 – 165Hz (Verical)
Response Time 1ms
Dynamic Refresh Rate Technology FreeSync premium
Video Ports 1x DP, 2x HDMI
USB Ports 2x USB 2.0 & 1x USB 2.0 Type B
Audio Ports 1
Viewing Angle 178° (Horizontal) / 178° (Vertical)
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare
Display Colors 16.7M
Power Type External Adaptor 12V 5A
Power Input 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
Control Joystick  (5 way)
Power Consumption 30W
Dimension 617 x 182.4 x 535.3 mm (W X H X D)
Frameless Design Yes
VESA Mounting 100 x 100 mm
Weight 6.68kg (Net Weight) & 7.3kg (Gross Weight)

(Specifications Source : MSI)


MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor offers a compelling package of features and performance at an attractive price of $139. Despite initial reservations about the inclusion of RGB lighting, the monitor delivers on its promises with impressive specs such as a one-millisecond response time and a 165Hz refresh rate. The sturdy build quality and versatile stand further enhance its value proposition, providing users with a reliable and adjustable display solution.

27” MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor (5)

At its retail price of $139, the MSI Optix MAG271R Gaming Monitor represents excellent value for money. Whether used for gaming, content creation, or general productivity tasks, this monitor excels across various applications. While calibration may be necessary to achieve optimal color accuracy, the overall experience is highly satisfactory, making it a recommended choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking performance and versatility in a monitor.

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