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Mixed Results for Qualcomm’s Windows Processor Unveiled: Benchmarking Reveals Disappointing Single-Core Performance

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Geekbench measurements from a Lenovo notebook indicate that the single-core performance of the upcoming Qualcomm ARM chip, in particular, appears to be quite poor.

On Qualcomm’s reference device, the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite with ARM cores was able to keep up relatively well with the current Apple M3. This is significant as Apple Silicon is currently considered the benchmark for ARM SoCs in notebooks and mobile PCs. However, a result on Geekbench suggests that Qualcomm’s ARM chip may not be as impressive.

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The result comes from a previously unknown Lenovo notebook called the LENOVO 83ED, expected to run with the Snapdragon X Elite, listed on Geekbench under the official project name Oryon. However, the Lenovo notebook achieved only 11,392 points in the multi-core benchmark and 1,628 points in the single-core test.

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For comparison, Qualcomm’s reference model achieved 12,562 (multi-core) and 2,574 points in the single-core benchmark in the same test. The single-core performance of the Lenovo notebook, in particular, is almost 37 percent lower. Even the several years old Intel Core i7-1165G7 outperforms it in this aspect, despite its lower multi-core performance due to fewer cores.

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The question arises: Did Qualcomm manipulate the results?

Qualcomm's Windows Processor Faces Performance Concerns (1)

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The issue lies in the fact that current chips from AMD and Intel still outperform Qualcomm’s offering based on this measurement. Moreover, the gap between Qualcomm and its main competitor, Apple, seems to be widening. The poorer results could stem from various reasons, such as Lenovo possibly installing the chip in a passively cooled laptop or Qualcomm testing the chip in an optimized software environment, a common practice among companies.

However, it’s essential to remember that benchmark values represent only one aspect of performance. The real performance of the Snapdragon X Elite will only be truly discernible with the arrival of the first devices, expected in summer 2024.

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