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WoW Classic: These Are The Best Classes & Specs In Phase 2

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In the Season of Discovery on the WoW Classic servers there is a completely different balance than we were used to from WoW Classic. This is of course due to the new runes, which provide completely new ways of playing . But also because the current endgame does not take place at level 60.

In phase 2 we are at level 40 and the endgame mainly takes place in the new Gnomeregan raid . There, thanks to the runes, we see, among other things, shaman tanks or magician healers. As is often the case in WoW Classic the question, which class is actually how good?

Based on the DpS, healing, toughness and useful abilities of the playstyles, the top players have created a so-called tier list of classes. This does not necessarily correspond to personal experience, and a good player with a weak class still performs better than a bad player with a good class . Nevertheless, they offer a good indication of the performance of the classes.

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These Are the Best Specs in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2

WoW Classic These Are The Best Classes & Specs In Phase 2 (1)

Interestingly, when it comes to tanks, the top three classes are those that weren’t tanks without runes. The developers have obviously put so much love and power into the classes that they have outperformed the “normal” tanks. Here’s how the top players rank the tanks:

  • S Tier: Warlock , Shaman
  • A-Tier: Rogue , Paladin
  • B Tier: Warrior , Druid

Things are a little different for healers. The magician, who was accepted into the circle of healers thanks to runes, does not get beyond the middle range. As before, the priests are the best healers in Classic. Here’s how the top players rank the healers:

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  • S Tier: Priest , Druid
  • A Tier: Mage
  • B Tier: Paladin , Shaman

There is more choice when it comes to dealing damage and therefore the difference between the top and the bottom is also larger. Druids should probably stick to healing and Paladins should go out as tanks. Magicians and sorcerers can rejoice. They are not only good tanks or healers, but also excellent damage dealers. The top players rank the DpS classes as follows:

  • S Tier: Hunter , Mage , Warlock
  • A-Tier: Priest , Shaman (Elemental)
  • B Tier: Warrior , Rogue , Shaman (Enhancement)
  • C Tier: Druid (Ferocity), Druid (Balance), Paladin

How do you see this division? Does this list correspond to your experiences on the Classic WoW server? Or would you classify one or the other class completely differently? Or do you think the playing styles are so close to each other that the tier lists don’t play a big role at the end of the day?

Source: (WOWHEAD)

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