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The Week In WoW: Eight New Hero Talent Trees, Trading Post Items & More

This week marks a significant milestone in the world of Azeroth as World of Warcraft launches its inaugural Solo Self Found mode in WoW Classic Hardcore, heralding the toughest challenge yet seen in the game’s storied history.

In this mode, players must navigate the perilous journey from level 1 to 60 with only a single life at their disposal. Notably, participants are strictly prohibited from engaging in typical player interactions such as sending or receiving mail, utilizing the auction house for transactions, or engaging in any form of trading, including the exchange of items and enchantments.

Additionally, the week promises excitement for players in the WoW retail sphere, with the highly anticipated release of eight new hero talent trees from The War Within expansion. As of today, February 27th, these new talent trees join the existing nine, offering players a myriad of strategic possibilities to explore.

The Week In Wow (February 27th To March 3rd, 2024)

27th of February

  • (Article) Get a sneak peek at the eight new Hero Talent Trees
  • (Action) New action

February 28th

While this event is active, Arena Skirmishes grant additional honor. Will you answer the call to battle?

February 29th

1st March

  • (Article) Blues News
  • (Action) New action
  • (Action) New action
  • (Event) March Trading Post begins

3rd March

The Week In WoW Eight New Hero Talent Trees, Trading Post Items & More (1)

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The ID in WoW: Dragonflight revolves around PvP with arena skirmishes and gravity loss. Most players will be excited to see what new items land in the Trading Post starting February 28th. This month’s motto is “Green is good”. This is certainly a reference to Saint Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated in mid-March.

On this Irish day of remembrance people dress in green. You can expect a corresponding number of green items in the trading post. At the same time, you should check now whether you want some of the February rewards .

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for news on Dragonflight’s patch 10.2.6, which will most likely turn out to be a pirate patch . Maybe the announcement for the Dragonflight update is hidden behind the Blues News on March 1st. Are you excited to see what new hero talent trees will come to light?

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