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ChatGPT Now Has Memory and Remembers Everything You Ask

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OpenAI has equipped ChatGPT with memory, enabling it to remember the requests you make and learn about you as you use it. The company led by Sam Altman announced that it will implement memories as a core feature in its artificial intelligence chatbot. The goal is to enhance the user experience so that future conversations are more helpful.

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Two Modes of Operation

ChatGPT’s memory operates in two ways: manual and automatic. In manual mode, users can instruct the chatbot to remember specific things, while in automatic mode, it learns as you interact with it. OpenAI aims for its AI to learn about users, so if you mention specific details about your profession or interests, the chatbot will take note.

Privacy Considerations

At first glance, this might seem like a privacy nightmare, but there’s a way to disable it from the Settings menu. OpenAI stated that ChatGPT’s memory can be managed from the Personalization section, where users can view or delete memories individually. You can also ask it to erase a memory through an instruction in the chat window.

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OpenAI emphasized that the new feature entails additional privacy and security considerations, so ChatGPT will not remember confidential information. The company says it’s taking steps to assess and mitigate biases, although the final decision lies with the user.

“We may use the content you provide to ChatGPT, including memories, to improve our models for everyone. If you prefer, you can disable this through your Data Controls,” mentioned in a blog post.

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Memories in ChatGPT will be activated for a limited number of subscribers to the Plus and free versions. OpenAI will test the feature to refine details and correct errors before a broader rollout.

How ChatGPT’s Memory Works

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ChatGPT’s memory is a feature that allows the artificial intelligence chatbot to remember your interactions and make better queries in the future. Memory is the next level of personalized instructions, a function to add context about us and the type of responses we expect. OpenAI has taken the definitive step to provide memories to its model, so it will arrive very soon to all users.

ChatGPT has activated memory by default in the user settings, so you might notice changes in the future without realizing it. The chatbot records your preferences, the types of questions you ask, or the format in which you request responses through machine learning. Similarly, it’s possible to explicitly tell it what you want it to store.

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Removing Memories in ChatGPT Options

If you’re concerned that OpenAI might store more information than necessary, you can disable it from the Personalization option in the Settings menu. In this section, you can manage and delete all content, phrase by phrase or in groups. There’s also the option of temporary conversations, something similar to a private browser window that doesn’t use memory and won’t appear in your chat history.

OpenAI mentioned that memory will also be available to enterprise users and ChatGPT for teams, although it won’t train its models with this data.

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