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OLED TVs: LG and Samsung Forge Alliance – with Consequences for Customers

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No longer rivals: Samsung and LG Display have signed a 5-year contract for OLED and LCD TV panels. This expands Samsung’s offering of OLED televisions while simultaneously sourcing LCD panels from LG Display. For customers, this is likely to have both advantages and disadvantages.

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Samsung and LG Seal TV Deal

Samsung and LG Display have entered into a strategic partnership unprecedented in the history of both companies. The agreement, spanning five years, secures Samsung a steady supply of OLED and LCD panels from LG Display, the world’s leading manufacturer of OLED technology.

This enables Samsung to expand its range of OLED televisions and offer them worldwide, while LG Display stands to benefit from increased utilization of its OLED factories (Source: FlatpanelsHD).

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LG & Samsung OLED TV Alliance, Consequences For Customer

Interestingly, the agreement does not include LG Display’s advanced MLA technology, focusing instead on standard WOLED panels. Samsung will utilize these panels for its S90D series televisions, while continuing to use its own QD-OLED panels for flagship models. This decision suggests that Samsung maintains its commitment to QD-OLED technology, even as it now sources products from a direct competitor.

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TV Deal: Good or Bad for Customers?

The new partnership promises to significantly boost the OLED TV market. Best-case scenario, we can expect price reductions due to increased supply. Furthermore, the expansion of LCD panel supplies should strengthen Samsung’s position in the entry and mid-range segments.

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However, caution is warranted: Samsung’s decision to differentiate panel technology not by model but by size could quickly lead to confusion. Consumers might find themselves puzzled in the future as to which technology is actually behind their new television.

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